What have i done wrong?

She is only 17 years and the bullying does not stop her. what do you do when no one listens? Her name is Lizabeth Styles (Lizzy) and yes, she is harry styles younger sister. She is bullied at school and everything is crap. But what happens when she finds love, dare to stand up to bullies, would her life work out? and what happens when she gets a nasty letter home as turning up and down on her whole world....This is her story.


1. Prolouge

I write in the hope that people will begin to understand how much bullying and other things can affect people. Bulling is nothing to joke about. It is something that has happened! Don`t hesitate, talk to an adult for help! If it is something i will always be on my kik @elinekelund98. You can talk to me about everything!
During my life I have been horribly bullied but for me it helps to talk to an adult or a friend. Though this book will not be about me. it will be about Lizzy styles, 17 years.

And...This is her story...

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