Half a Story: What Never Was

Bad boy Mark, asks out goody-goody Ellie after months of working up the courage. She says no & he feels stupid. That's only half the story.

Ellie makes the accidental mistake of saying no to Mark & thinks that he hates her. That's only half the story.

The fantasy half of this story, watch as the halves make up a whole story.


8. The Friends' Reactions

We decided to keep it a secret until Valentines Day. Of course, i'm rubbish at keeping secrets, so i was going to tell Brit and Tom, and Ellie was going to tell Amelia and Jamima. I told Tom in Art, and he looked a little sheepish.

"What! Why are you looking so sheepish!" I demanded to know.

"Well... IkindaaskedBritifshewouldgotothedancewithmeandshesaidyes"

"Haha, very funny. Now tell me properly"

"Fine, but you may not take it very well mate. I kind of asked your cousin, Brit not Steph, to the dance and she said yes and, well, yeah"

My mouth hung open.

"I did warn you that you may not like it" Tom sounded nervous, like he thought i was going tob punch his face in or something. Thinking about it, i probably should've.

"Are you gonna say something, mate?"

"Urm...I'm happy for you? And you may want to know that if you hurt her physically or emotionally, i will personally KILL YOU. See you later, mate, yeah?" I walk off as the bell rings to go and find Brit, and leave Tom standing by the table looking a bit tense.

"I'm so sorry Mark, i couldn't get anything out of her..." Brit kept blubbering on while i tried to shut her up. Honestly, i know that she's my cousin and everything, but she's a nightmare sometimes! When she's finally shut up, i enlightened her on my news.

"Brit, don't worry! I asked her to the dance and she said yes!"

It took a few moments for it to finally sink in, and you could practically hear her brain whirling. Her mouth fell open, forming a perfect 'O' shape.


I nodded, and we shared a secret smile.


Ellie's POV

I told Jamima my news in RE and she was so excited about me actually going to the dancew with, i quote, "THE fittest boy in the whole school!" Now all that was left to do today was to tell Amelia.

We were walking through town when we spotted Mark and Tom. Mark shot me a smile, but i had to give him a false look of disgust. I pretended to roll my eyes and look disgusted, while Amelia did the real thing.

"God, those two disgust me! Especially Mark. Good thing we'll never have anything to do with that sort of Scum!" I took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"Mia, Mark asked me to the dance. I said yes..." I trailed off at the sight of Amelia's evil stare. Once she'd turned the situation over in her head a couple of times, she groaned.

"El, how could you have been so Stupid? He quite obviously wants to make a fool out of you!"

Frowning, i found the courage to say:

"You know what? I don't care what you think! I'm going to the dance with Mark because i Love him, and there's nothing you can say or do to change that!" Oops, i wasn't planning on telling anyone that last bit, not even Mark himself.

"Well, if you'll excuse me..." I walked off leaving Amelia shocked, and with a face like a tomato.

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