Half a Story: What Never Was

Bad boy Mark, asks out goody-goody Ellie after months of working up the courage. She says no & he feels stupid. That's only half the story.

Ellie makes the accidental mistake of saying no to Mark & thinks that he hates her. That's only half the story.

The fantasy half of this story, watch as the halves make up a whole story.


14. The Big Night...Finally!

Ellie's POV

Me and Brittany make our way out to the incredible strech limo waiting for us outside her front door. Inside, there are fairy lights strung around the roof, and there are mini bottles of lemonade in a be-jeweled cooler. We both take one and make a toast; "To a fantastic night!" We arrive shortly and gasp at what our plain, boring school has been turned into.

Ballons are everywhere we look and people are getting out of their cars everywhere. I spot Hanna, Ann and Loki getting out of a sleek black strech limo with their dates. Tom waves at Brit and thats the last time i saw her for the main part of the night.

Mark's POV

I see Ellie getting out of a fancy stretch limo with Brittany. Tom sees Brit and his face practically lights up. He runs over to her and i laugh. That's probably the last i'll see of Tom tonight, that's for sure! I walk over to Ellie, and compliment her on how she looks and she blushes like crazy. Man, this girl is sooooo beautiful, it's almost unbelivable.

Ellie's POV

Mark walks over to me and tells me i look prettier than all of the stars in the sky and i feel the blood rush to my cheeks. Damn. We walk inside, and make our way over to the drinks table. I see Jamima in the corner with Jimmy, so i walk over.

"So Jamima, will you go out with me?" Jimmy asks.

"A million times yes Jimmy, of course I will! Oh, hi Ellie!"

I stand talking to Jamima, and Mark goes onto the dance floor, accompanied by Jimmy and me and Jamima groan. Don't get me wrong, Jimmy's an Extremely fit, handsom boy with deep blue eyes and swept back blonde hair, but he's a terrible, terrible dancer! I just hope some of Mark's street-dance skills will brush off on him for both mine and Jamima's sakes! 

Later on, Mark asks me to dance. I gladly accept, and just as we arrive on the dance floor, a slow song comes through the speakers. I laugh, and run off of the dance floor, leaving Mark clueless.

"I need to go to the bathroom!" I shout. He nods and wanders over to the buffet. I reach into my clutch and pull out my eyeliner. I gaze into the mirror as i re-apply, wondering why Mark has chosen me, and not some plastic blonde faker than Barbie as he usually does. I just suppose that boys are one of life's mysteries never to be solved. Making my way back to the hall, i run into my Art teacher.

"I did warn you about Mark, Ellie. Try not to be too upset" She shakes her head sadly. "Shame he did it to someone as pleasant as you." With that, she wanders off towards the staff room.

I'm so confused. Why would one of my favourite teachers tell me something like that? Unless... No, it can't be... Or could it? I run to the hall. Just as i push through the crowds surrounding the doors, i see Mark kissing Maya like there's no tommorow. I can feel my cheeks burnig with embarrassment. How could he? I thought he loved me, truly. He must've asked me to come to the dance for one dare or another, just so he could humiliate me. I've just about had enough of his stupid games. I march over to where he is standing. Maya is nowhere in sight. I walk right up to Mark and slap him across the face.

"What was that for, Ells?" He asks, dazed.

"You know perfectly well what i mean, Mark James Brothus." I can feel tears threatening to spill out of my eyes, so i run out of the hall.

"Ellie, wait, it wasn't what it looked like!"

"I know EXACTLY what it looked like, and it looked pretty serious too, so leave me alone and never EVER speak to me or look at me again."

I run to the locker rooms upstairs, which i know is out of bounds. I collapse on one of the benches and cry my eyes out, until, half an hour later, i can't cry anymore. I look around me. I can hear someone else crying from the direction of the toilets. I investigate further and find...Tom!?!

"What are You doing in here Tom?" I ask, confusion clear in my voice.

"Well, i was dancing with Brittany, and i left the dance floor to get us some drinks. I turned around to look for her, and then i see her kissing James" He snuffles, then starts crying all over again. I reach out to him, and hug him close. He smells faintly of Lynx, funny i've never noticed before now.






A/N: Hey guys! whoa, that was a long chapter, i have to say. I spent AAAGGGGGEEEESSSSSS working on that! Sooooo, i have to ask, do you like so far? What do YOU think should happen next? Byee!

Em Xx

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