Half a Story: What Never Was

Bad boy Mark, asks out goody-goody Ellie after months of working up the courage. She says no & he feels stupid. That's only half the story.

Ellie makes the accidental mistake of saying no to Mark & thinks that he hates her. That's only half the story.

The fantasy half of this story, watch as the halves make up a whole story.


11. Preparing for The Big Night

*Two Days Later*

Brittany's POV

I take one look at El's windswept hair and groan. I can see i really have my work cut out for me here!

"Right!" I exclaim. "You are coming in right now and having a shower, and then you will let me take over!"

"Yes Sir!" Ellie giggles, and runs upstairs. We have the house to ourselves, because my parents have gone out to some lovey-dovey Valentines Dinner at some fancy restaurant or another. A moment later i hear the shower upstairs so i collapse on the plush, velvet sofa and watch Victorious for a while. About 15 minutes later, i hear a hairdryer upstaris. I click the TV off, and walk slowly upstairs, pondering whether to go into my room where Ellie was. In the end, i didn't need to decide. Ellie threw open the door, looking breath-takingly stunning in her floor-length Kimono, and dragged me into the room, a massive grin spread over her face.

"Your turn!" She squealed

"Ugh, fine!" I groaned

"Hurry, i'm very impatient to get going you know!" More impatient to see my idiotic cousin Mark, i think. She must've had Haribo before she came over, she's never this hyper unless she eats gummy bears!


Ellie's POV

Whilst i'm waiting, rather impatiently, for Brit to get out the shower, i take a look around her massive, rose-pink room. I spot a photo album on the the king-size bed. Curiosity over-powers me and i open it up only to find that it's a diary as well as an album. I spot my name in the first entry, which is dated from about a year back. I start to read.

'Dear Diary,

Today, Mark confessed his love for Ellie to me for the first time. It's so obvious that he's fallen for her, and hard. You can tell just by the way he looks at her! It is a shame that he decides to show his love by teasing her though, but hey, boys will be boys i s'pose.

Although, i am surprised that she hasn't noticed the way he stares longingly at her during class. I really want to tell her, but 'darling' cousin Mark made me swear on my life not to tell her, despite the fact that we're best friends, and best friends tell each other everything, right? Wrong! This secret is staying secret'

I stare shell-shocked at the entry. He's really been crushing on me for this long and i haven't noticed? Wow.

I look at the picture next to the entry. It's familiar to me. It was taken about a year ago, when the summer holidays had started. Me, Brit and Mark were all mucking around in a little kiddies' park, and i was sitting in a basket swing being pushed stupidly high by Mark. I could see now that he was looking at me with pure adoration in his liquid-chocolate brown eyes while i was yelling at him through laughter to stop. He ignored me anyway. suddenly i realised that the shower had stopped ages ago, so i slowly looked up, not knowing what was going to happen next...

Brit's POV

I walk into my room shortly after blowdrying my hair, and find Ellie sitting on the bed, staring, shocked, at my diary. She looks up, slowly, guilt written all over her face. I sigh in relief. Now she's read that stupid diary entry, I won't have to die, because i was planning on telling her anyway!

"Why aren't you yelling at me to ger out?" She asks, confusion clear in her voice.

"Because, stupid, I was gonna tell you tonight anyway, and now i won't have to die, because Mark made me swear on my life not to tell anyone!"

"...I was worried for a minute that you were going to start yelling your head off at me for a minute then!"

"No way! Now, sit down and let the master get to work!"

I cover up the body-length mirror (I know, my parents are loaded!) with a cloth, and she sits down obediently. I get out my case of make-up, and pick out deep,  moss-green eyeshadow, silver eyeliner, and decide to go without mascara, because she has beatiful, long lashes anyway. I don't apply blusher, 'coz i know that she will turn bright red at the mention of his name, let alone the sight of his face! I paint her lips a neutral pink with lipgloss, then move onto her hair. I brush it out, straighten it, then curl it into waves with the straightners.

"Done!" I yell and El jumps up and orders me to sit. I obey, and, about ten minutes later, she's finished. I remove the cloth from the mirror, and we both gasp at the two, beatiful strangers in the mirror where our reflections should be. Ellie's picked out a sky-blue eyeshadow, silver eyeliner, smoky black mascara and baby pink lipstick. My hair is stick-straight.

"Time to go!" El squeals


Maya's POV

Tonight, I will put my plan into action. Mark will be forced to tear his beatiful, chocolate brown eyes away from the piece of dirt that is Ellie to look at me. I'm going to be wearing a peachy-pink, off-the-shoulder dress that puffs out at the waist and ends at the knee. I have some silver bangles embedded with tiny amethysts to wear, a pair of silk ballet pumps with silver wedge heels and some hanging amethyst earrings. All that's left to do now is to follow the plan of action...





Hey guys! Thanks for reading! I know that chapter was long, but i just had to get it out of my system, y'know? Anyways, comment, like and favourite, and remember that i have loads of spare time to read your movellas!

See ya!

Em xxx 

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