Half a Story: What Never Was

Bad boy Mark, asks out goody-goody Ellie after months of working up the courage. She says no & he feels stupid. That's only half the story.

Ellie makes the accidental mistake of saying no to Mark & thinks that he hates her. That's only half the story.

The fantasy half of this story, watch as the halves make up a whole story.


10. Just Make Friends Already!

Ellie's POV

Today, I was Dress shopping with Brit, a torturous task for anyone. It's her birthday today, so she's more hyper than ever! She's been trusted with our secret, and knows what Mark likes, because, after all, she IS his cousin. We went into The Big One, a shop full to the brim of special occasion dresses to wear to Proms, Weddings, Dances and Eating at Mcdonalds (Obviously not the last one!). We went through what seemed like thousands of dresses until i found the dress for me. It was a purple Kimono-Style dress with silver trimming on the outside and lavender silk on the inside. It creases out at the bottom and the sleeves blended from deep purple to deep moss green at the ends. It goes perfectly with the moss green heels I brought earlier. I know exactly what accessories to wear. My silver 'E' necklace, My Opal choker I got for Christmas, My Pandora bracelet with the purple glass bead and then my silver charm bracelet. I came out the changing room wearing the dress and heels. Brit's jaw fell to the floor.

"Mark will LOVE you!" She squeals  She went to say something else, but at that moment the door opened. Amelia took one look at me and Brittany then stared at her feet. I took a deep breath. It was time to settle this once and for all, and discover if we were both mature enough to forgive and forget.

"Mia" I say in a small voice. I approach her as she's rifling through dresses.

"I didn't think you would talk to me." She says, refusing to look me in the eye.

"Look, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have shouted at you like that. But you're my friend, and friends forgive each other right? I honestly thought you'd be happy for me!"

She turns around so that I'm now staring at her back, and mumbled something like:

"You obviously thought wrong then. You think we're friends after that? Pftt!"

I turned back to Brit who had picked out a navy blue dress with a sky blue sleeves adorned with white silk ribbon. I cried out in delight at her choice and she grinned. I spotted a sky blue lilly hairband and some silver and blue bracelets that would go with her dress perfectly. When she twirled, I asked her cheekily,

"Who's the lucky boy then!"

She went a deep red colour, and mumbled


Wow, that was unexpected. Well, if Brit's happy, then I suppose that's all that matters really...

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