Half a Story: What Never Was

Bad boy Mark, asks out goody-goody Ellie after months of working up the courage. She says no & he feels stupid. That's only half the story.

Ellie makes the accidental mistake of saying no to Mark & thinks that he hates her. That's only half the story.

The fantasy half of this story, watch as the halves make up a whole story.


15. Confusion and Realisation

Ellie's POV

As i hug Tom, i wonder why i've never viewed him as a friend, or more, before. I pull away from his embrace, and he is curious to know whether or not me and Mark are dating. I look at him in surprise.

"Why would you think that?" I ask.

"Oh...er...no reason."

It's as if Tom is trying to tell me that he likes me or something. Well if he feels that way...I suppose he won't mind what i'm gonna do next. I lean in towards Tom and he does the same, unsure of what was about to happen.

Nobody's POV

The pair of them leaned in, Ellie full of confusion and hurt , and Tom just plain confused. When Ellie smashed her lips against Tom's, she felt no spark, nothing special such as what she felt around Mark. They pulled away just as suddenly as it started. They both realised that the ones they had true feelings for were probably not guilty, so they decided to go and make amends.

Ellie's POV

"I'm so sorry Tom"

"No i'm sorry, lets be friends and leave it at that."

I ran to the hall, only to hear someone in the boy's locker room. I turned and saw Mark standing there. He got down onto one knee. WHAT?

"Ellie, i am so, so sorry i can't put it into words. What i can do is explain what happened in the hall."

"Mark, i..."

"No, Ellie, hear me out please. Maya came over to me and grabbed me and started kissing me like crazy. I tried to pull away, but she is stronger than she looks, i swear! In the end, Jimmy shoved her off of me and she stormed out without another word. So, as a gesture of my apology, i hope you will accept my promise ring, to promise to be completely truthful and honest with eachother forever, starting right here, right now."

During that speech, he had been fingering with a small black box and had finally opened it to reveal a small, probably cheap, promise ring. I didn't care how cheap it had been though, i still loved him for it.

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