Half a Story: What Never Was

Bad boy Mark, asks out goody-goody Ellie after months of working up the courage. She says no & he feels stupid. That's only half the story.

Ellie makes the accidental mistake of saying no to Mark & thinks that he hates her. That's only half the story.

The fantasy half of this story, watch as the halves make up a whole story.


12. A/N (sort of) My Dream

Hi! This isn't an actual chapter, it's more of an author's note. Before you try to go on another movella, this might be of intrest to you so read me out first. I had a dream about some people I know 20 years inthe future (I'll use their names on here.) Here it is:

Ellie was an english teacher at Pokelm's, but was called to reception to speak to the headmaster. There, she finds out that Mark is joining the staff as a Maths teacher. She had an argument with him, 19 years ago & hasn't seen him since. She is asked to show Mark around & be his guide for the first few weeks. They decide to forgive & forget, but just be friends. This becomes awkward, as there soon becomes a rumour throughout the school that they like each other. That was all that happened before I woke up, but I remember what jobs everyone was doing:

- Jamima was finding a cure for cancer,

- Amelia was at University in Wales,

- Hailey was one of those teenage mums & working in a supermarket,

- Tom had just go out of prison (he was there, because he was caught shoplifting).

That's all. Thanks for reading!

Louise Mcbear x

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