This is a one shot for the competition its about 2 girls who walk into the 1D boys while they are on winter holiday in london read to find out more


1. One Shot

*Shanias POV*

Here i am with my best friend Ruwena at our hotel in London its beautiful with the snow but also extremely cold we have a 3 star hotel because we didnt have that much money for the trip its 9:00 am we made a plan for the day first we go to the big ben and the london eye and one sad thing its valentines day and we ar on our own isnt that great? NO because yesterday both our boyfriends Rayn and Cody broke up with us right before valentines like for real so we are going wild today so we can forget them i am going right now for breakfast.

*After breakfast in the city of london*

*Ruwenas POV*

We are walking in the city of london just 2 single girls and huge fans of one direction

"OMG Ruwena there is a M&M Store lets go inside" Shania said

"Yeah lets go in maybe they have some cute stuff" i said while walking in i heard Shania softly scream why did she scream i wasnt watching where i was walking so i bumped into someone. I looked up and saw Liam Payne HOLY FUDGE 

"I...I am so sorry" I said softly

"Its ok love whats you're name?" Liam asked

"HER NAME IS RUWENA" Shania screamed like a idiot

 "Whats you're name?" Zayn asked at Shania

*Zayns POV*

  "Whats you're name?" I asked towards the girl standing next to Ruwena

"Nice to meet ya mr Malik my name is Shania" Shania said 

she was cute and a little bit crazy i like that

"Nice name so what are 2 beautiful girls like you doing here alone on valentines day?" Liam Asked 

i saw that Shania got tears in her eyes and suddenly she started running me Liam and Ruwena started running after her 

"We both are dumped by our now ex boyfriends yesterday" Ruwena said still running

What the fudge that is just shit i runned faster and saw her running in a hotel i followed her to her hotel room 

I knocked on her hotel room door 


I looked under the carpet and there was the card I slided it in the card thing 

"Are you okay?" I asked

"Do i look okay zayn NO" She said 

"I feel really sorry for you he should be ashamed of hisself"

"Thanks zayn but nobody will ever love me okay so I should just accept that" She said 

i walked towards her and gave her a hug and when i pulled away i looked her in the eye and said

"You are wrong because I love you ok i dont care that i just met you"

"Really?" She asked 

*Shanias POV* 

"Really?" I asked 

"Yes so now i am going to aks you one qeustion will you be my girlfriend Shania?" Zayn asked 

I turned pink as ice cream 

"Yes omg sure I love you to" 

we walked out of the room hand in hand and saw

Ruwena and Liam kissing

"Liam and Ruwena sitting in the hall K-I-S-S-I-N-G" I screamed while running away because i knew Ruwena would kill me after that.

After we ran around the whole hotel I stopped

"are you and Liam a couple?" I asked

"Yes what about you and Zayn hu?"


we walked back and had the best day of our lives and we lived happy ever after 



hi guys sorry if some things are spelled wrong i cant spell that well sorry i hope you liked it please favorite and like it bye ly all xxxx shania and ruwena

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