A Change

"Never change for anyone."

I'm sure we've all heard that before.

I, totally agreed to it...until I got tired.

I was sick of being invisible to Justin, so I changed.

"Why don't you be the artist

And make me out of clay?

Why don't you be the writer

And decide the words I say?

Cause I'd rather pretend

I'll still be there in the end."


2. Part 2


"Are you sure you want to do this?" My bestfriend, Addie asked me. I nodded and pulled me sweater sleeves over my hands.  


I just told her my plan to get Justin. It was pretty simple actually. You see, i thought about it a little and I figured out that all of the girls Justin has dated dress a little...different than I do. I decided I was going to change my look a little and maybe he would ask me out.  


"Justin's going to love me after this." She shook her head.  


"You don't need to change for him." I sighed, running my hands through my curls.  


"He will never notice me if I don't, now please just do this for me." It was her turn to sigh. "Look, if it all goes wrong, then you can tell me how stupid I was, but I need to try."  


This really meant a lot to me and I knew she would be the perfect person to help. We were like polar opposites. I'm the quiet girl who lives in sweaters and she's outgoing girl that has a style that the female population would pretty much envy.  


"Fine, so what do you need to do?" I jumped up and hugged her before smiling because I knew this would make her a little more enthusiastic.  


"I need to go shopping." She grinned and grabbed her keys. This was her sport.   


"Let's go." I linked my arm through hers and we headed out.


When we got to the mall, we went straight towards Forever21. 


"What are you thinking?" 


"Well, all the girls he dates have short, tight clothes, so I was thinking something along those lines." She sighed, but nodded.


It didn't take us that long to find some outfits. I went in to try on some clothes and got Addie's approval on everything. We came down to a tribal bralet, a bodycon black skirt, and some heels. 


After I bought everything, we went to her house. I searched though her jewelry, while her flat iron heated up. It was time to tame the beast.


"You can borrow my flat iron tonight." I nodded. "All have you know, I actually would kill for your curls, but whatever."


She went through the basics and showed me how to do it. It was going pretty bad, to be honest though. It came out straight at first, but it just went back toits natural curl. 


"Motherlover! Just straighten my frickin' hair!" Addie just stared at me. "What?"


"Motherlover? Really?" I tried again.


"Yes, I don't want to say the other word..." She laughed.


"This is never going to work, keep trying and I'll be back." I nodded.


I tried going down as slow as possible and it wasn't working. I was about to throw it on the ground.


"If that ends up damaged, you will be walking home with third-degree burns." I gulped and nodded.


She showed me a trick and we finally got. Afterwards, she showed me how to do my makeup. When I learned everything, she drove me home. I couldn't wait until tomorrow; I was finally going to get Justin.

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