A Change

"Never change for anyone."

I'm sure we've all heard that before.

I, totally agreed to it...until I got tired.

I was sick of being invisible to Justin, so I changed.

"Why don't you be the artist

And make me out of clay?

Why don't you be the writer

And decide the words I say?

Cause I'd rather pretend

I'll still be there in the end."


1. Part 1


"Hey Sweetie, do you want to go to Pattie's with me?" My mom asked me as I looked up.  


"Sure." I replied.  


As soon as she closed the door, I ran to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and sighed. Why did I have to end up with crazy curly hair? Both of my parents have straight hair, so my genes must have malfunctioned and given me a lion's mane. I put it up in a quick bun and then looked down at my clothes. I had on a batman shirt, ripped jeans, and black Toms. It wasn't exactly perfect, but I guess it will do.


You're probably why I'm going a little crazy over my looks, huh? Well going to Pattie's house means that there is a chance that Justin is there. He is her son, who is the same age as me and I kind of want to look good for him. I might like him...okay I do like him, a lot, but he doesn't really pay attention to me unless his mom is around. There are times when I try to start a conversation and all he does is nod or not even reply. It's honestly driving me insane, I try so hard to get him to notice me and the girls who don't pay attention to him or play hard to get are the girls he likes. This is why I will never understand guys...it may also be the fact that I'm practically lonely.


"Kayleigh, get yo butt down here!" My mom yelled from downstairs. I love how civilized we are.


"I'm coming, Mother!" I yelled back, sneaking a quick look in the mirror, before heading down.


We headed off to their house and made it there in a minute considering they are next door.


"Hey!" Pattie said when she opened the door. I instantly hugged her and Justin did the same with mine.


"Hello, second mom." I said, as she laughed.


"Hey, Kay Kay." Justin said hugging me and for five seconds, I was in heaven.


"Hey, Jay Jay." I said as he pulled away.


Now, you are wondering, if he doesn't pay attention to you, then why did he give you a nickname? Well, we used to be closer when we were younger, but when he got his first girlfriend, we became distant. The nicknames are just a natural thing between us.


"Why don't you two go hang out upstairs?" Pattie said. Justin nodded and I trailed behind him up the wooden steps.


We got to his room and he turned on the TV, before lying down on his bed. I awkwardly sat next to him, crossing my legs. Leaning back on his pillows, I looked up at the TV and Batman Begins was on.


"I love this movie." He looked up and I smiled at him, but he turned away. He must not have seen me, he never does.


We continued to watch the movie until Pattie came in and said my mom was ready to leave. Justin and I exchanged hugs for a moment. When we got home, I said goodnight to my mom and went straight upstairs. I started to think and I realized I wasn't going to be ignored anymore. A light bulb went off and I went straight to the phone and called my best friend, Addison. 


No matter what it takes, Justin is going to notice me.

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