First Encounters<3

It's about a love story about you and Justin Bieber <3
I hope you enjoy my first story!
I will keep it up if you like them :)
Much Love <3


1. First Encounters Part 1

It's your first day at your new school and your dreading every moment. You're new to the area because your parents have just split up and you're living with your mum and today was your first day.
You're nervous and scared.
Then you get your map out of your pocket and start trying to find your Maths room. The school was a mansion, you felt small and puny. But you finally get to your class and as you walk in everyone stares at you. Girls whispered to their friends, mocking every part of you, but you didn't care you knew this was going to happen. A fragile old lady announced;
"Class, I want you to meet (your name) . Everyone be nice because its her first day here"
Then you see him. Your eyes engage and time slows down, your heart pounds against your chest and butterflies tickle your stomach. He was gorgeous, his brown flawless hair glistened in the bright light that hanged above him. He looked like an angel from Heaven.
You quietly sit on your chair and get your notebooks out. Then you see a note folded tightly, your name addressed in fine handwriting. You look up confusingly but everyone had their heads down.

You open it and your heart pounds louder and louder. The note says;
"Hey, I saw you looking fine, I want you. Please be mine, forever. -Justin"
Then you smile, the teacher asked;
"Erm (your name) what are you smiling at?"
You stuff the note in your pockets frantically and reply,
"Nothing I was smiling at nothing, Miss"
She walks over with a scowl on her face and demanded that she saw the note but you deny ever having a note.
"Give me the note!" The teacher barked.
"I don't have a note Miss."
"Right if you don't hand me the note its detention for you"
You sighed. You didn't want detention on the first day, so you handed the note and she reads aloud;
"Hey, I saw you looking fine, I want you. Please be mine, forever. -Justin"
Everyone started the laugh, you both felt humiliated, then she screws up the notes and throws it in the bin then the bell rings loudly, piercing your ears.
Justin walks over to you and takes your hand, he says;
"I meant every word, I need you in my life and I know we have only just met but I love you"
Then you say;
"Okay then, I love you too"
Justin "So how about a date for Saturday Night? Lets say my house at 8?"
You say softly "Yeah I'll be there!"
He leans forward and kisses you softly on your cheek and says;
"See you later babe"
You say "Bye, oh wait could you help me to my next class? It's History."
He replies
"I've got History now!" He firmly grabs you hand and you both walk together to History, his deodorant smells so good and you both walk out of Maths smiling.

The End.
Part 2 will be uploaded soon :)
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