The Day


1. My Valentines

"Carly,Carly,....Are you going to sleep all day??"
"Huh?what oh,hi it's you" I mumbled still deeply asleep,then I remembered what today was it was valentines day!Since it was dlthe day I all love Louis pulled me up into his arms and whispered into my ear"I love you you know." "Of course I know"I mumbled back then he pulled me out of the bed and spun me around,gently putting my feet on the carpeted floor. "Get dressed."He told me"Were going somewhere."
So I got up as he proceeded through the door,and entered my closet,I threw on a tanktop,leggings ,a loose sweater,grey scarf,beanie,and my black low-tops. When I walked it to our living room Louis already had breakfast ready,I was confused,Then I realized alll the boys were there,Harry,Liam,Niall,and Zayn. I didn't mind though. "Awwwww,You guys are so nice,You didn't have to do that!" "But we wanted to!"
We all sat down and ate then one by one they bailed out with their dates.
After they all left me and Louis went out,we ended up seeing a really cute romantic comedy and then going out to dinner.
Later when we got home we layed down on the couch,and within a few minutes we were prank calling people and laughing like crazy,as usual it was impossible for me and him to keep straight faces with eachother,But that was good I hated being serious it was so boring and I didnt and don't see a point in it.
After laughing for hours we both wen and crawled into our bed,and we fell asleep cuddling,the perfect way to end our day!
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