The House

After her younger sister goes missing with no explanation and is later found dead, Cara struggles to cope with the strange and dangerous things going on in her house. While no one believes they are happening how will she stop them before things get really bad? Will putting the pieces of the mystery together day by day be enough? After losing the most important thing to her, other than her sister, Cara tries to make a fresh start, but will it be enough to cover up the past?

The story line/genres for this story really changes around chapter 20-30


2. Chapter One

"But, I promise you I left the window shut. It's the middle of winter why would it be open?" I asked, "Oh my god its just like my dream. I shouldn't have left her I knew this was going to happen. This is all my fault, I shouldn't have let her out of my sight!"

"No one knew anything was going to happen, its no ones fault. But, there's also no way a six year old would be able to open that window even we have trouble with it, there's something else to it." Max reminded me, giving me a hug, "We'll find her, okay? Chances are the window wasn't shut fully before and she was messing around with it and she climbed out."

"None of it makes sense. There was so much snow out we would've seen footprints or something...wouldn't we?" I wiped a tear from my eyes and stared at him.

"You did say yourself the snow was pretty heavy, you never know if her tracks were covered by the snow-"

"Mum, dad I'm home, I got your text, what's so urgent?" Maddie's 16 year old sister, Cara, called.

"Cara...your sisters missing." Max told her, as I let out thousands of ice cold tears.
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