The House

After her younger sister goes missing with no explanation and is later found dead, Cara struggles to cope with the strange and dangerous things going on in her house. While no one believes they are happening how will she stop them before things get really bad? Will putting the pieces of the mystery together day by day be enough? After losing the most important thing to her, other than her sister, Cara tries to make a fresh start, but will it be enough to cover up the past?

The story line/genres for this story really changes around chapter 20-30


1. Missing


A high pitched shriek filled the room, causing me to shudder as the sound pierced through to my ears. Maddie. I knew her scream too well from when we'd go to the park and she'd be squealing and screaming while I pushed her on the swings. Unlike these though, they were screams of happiness.


"MADDIE I'M COMING!" I yelled frantically to my six year old daughter. Dreadful thoughts runninng through my head.


I ran towards her room, where I had seen her less than two minutes ago and pushed the door open hoping to see nothing bad had happened and that Maddie was sitting where I left her playing with her imaginary friend. Glancing around the room I quickly lost my hope. The heat that was in the room a few seconds ago vanished. 


I felt sick as I saw the curtain above her bed flew softly in the wind, spreading the baby pink material around the room. They had closed themselves, covering the window. I dashed over to it and pulled the curtains back. A blast of cold air and snow hit me causing me to shiver but out of fear, not coldness.


"MADDIE" I screamed, desperately into the empty room.



Hey everyone. I hope you liked it^ Please comment with any feedback, I will do my best to improve it,  It is much appriciated.

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