Our Story

Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


9. Chapter 9


*A week later*



Louis’ POV



It feels weird not having Niall around. He’s in rehab. In and out of hospital because of his eating. Cara hasn’t left his side. They are perfect for each other. I do think I’m falling for Molly; she’s beautiful, funny and smart. Ever since that day in maths she was the only girl ever on my mind. I think I’m gonna ask her out. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the picture of me and her; everyone had become closer since Niall went into rehab and hospital.


We frequently went out together. I clicked on her caller ID and rang her. She answered, oh god. I was lost for words.


‘Louis! Wassup Maths buddy?’


‘Hey Molly, was just wondering if you’d like to go on a proper date with, um… just me?’ She screamed, loudly.


‘Yes, yes, oh my god yes. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me for so long!’ I smiled. She said yes.


‘Great, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at eight?’ I asked.


‘Sounds great, see you tomorrow Lou.’ Then she hung up. I flopped down on my bed smiling that I have a date with a very perfect girl.


I woke up with an excited Amy jumping around on my bed.


‘Amy? What are you doing here?’ I croaked, slightly annoyed she woke me up.


‘Oh I’m waiting for Harry to take me to the shopping center, he’s treating me today’ Amy and Harry had been dating for just under a month. They were happy together. I felt sorry for Liam, he really like Charlotte but has no idea how to tell her.



Amy’s POV



Harry walked into Louis’ room.


‘You ready Amy?’ He smiled. I love his smile, he has perfect little dimples. I nodded and took Harry’s hand; sending a tired Louis a small wave skipping out holding my perfect boyfriend’s hand. I loved the fact he was so much taller than me, every now and then he’d lean down kiss the top of my head and carry on walking swinging our arms back and forth.



Louis’ POV



I got up at Nine thirty, jumped in the shower. Soon as I got out I pick an outfit for tonight. Rang the poshest restaurant in Ireland and made reservations for my date with Molly, everything needs to be perfect. I picked out a red pair of chinos, red tight striped polo and red toms. I layed them on my bed ready for later. It was gonna be the best night of my life.



Molly’s POV



I was really looking forward to tonight, my outfit was already hung up, make up spread out across my dressing table.


I have chosen a pink dress short at the front long at the back, light pink heels and light pink make-up. I took a long shower. Thinking about the night I would have tonight. I still didn’t know where we’re going.


I don’t care where we are, as long as I’m with Louis. I got out of the shower, wrapped myself in a towel and wondered how I was gonna do my hair, curled, wavy or straight? I decided on waved. I dried all my hair, but this time it was half six. Oh god, not long left.


I curled my hair into little waves that wrapped around themselves. I pulled on my dress and heels and but a light touch of make-up on. I was ready with ten minutes to spare.

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