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Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


8. Chapter 8


Niall’s POV



Cara finally told me she loves me. I can make her a promise.


‘Cara?’ I whispered. She looked down at me and kissed my forehead lightly.




‘I promise to stop cutting if you promise to never leave me, promise you’ll always be by my side when I need you.’ She smiled down at me.


‘Always.’ She whispered.



Cara’s POV



I layed there with him till his fell asleep. Soon as he did I picked his head up from my lap, and put it on his pillow, slipping out of the bedroom trying to be as silent as possible. Liam’s eyes lit up as I walked out. He ran to me.


‘Is he okay?’ I shook my head.


‘He’s been self-harming Liam, deep cuts all down his arms.’ Liam’s face had no emotion, like none at all, ‘If he comes out of his room tomorrow, tell his to text me’ with that I left.


I looked at time, crap half one. My mum’s gonna be worried. I picked up the pace. I got my keys from my bag and unlocked my door. My mum stood there, looking very angry. Hands on her hips and everything. I smiled at her.


‘Hey mum’ I said as I threw my bag on the sofa.


‘Where have you been?’


‘Comforting my best friend. I’m eighteen; I can stay out as long as I want.’ She glared at me as I walked up the stairs to my room.




My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out to see twenty-two missed called from the girls and twenty texts. I flicked through them all. Only replying to Charlotte’s which read:


‘Cara, text me when you get this, are you okay. Molly and Amy said you ran out and didn’t say where you were going and no one’s heard from you since. – Charlotte’


I sighed a replied with:


‘I’m fine Charlotte, just needed to see Niall. He knows how I feel now I think we’re kind of a couple. Want to hang out just us tomorrow. We haven’t spent much time together lately. Text me in the morning gonna sleep now night, love you – Cara.


I switched my phone off and lay down, staring at the ceiling. I was tired but every time I closed my eyes the pictures of those cuts came flooding back. I can’t believe I did this to my best friend. My true love. I caused all of this because of one stupid kiss. I meant what I said; I will always be therefore him.


Next thing I knew my mum was sitting on my bed smiling widely at me.


‘Morning sweetie.’ I grunted rolling over and trying to get back to sleep, it was no use.


‘Morning, can I help?’ I said with a weak tired smile.


‘Nope, just made you breakfast in bed.’ She put the tray on my bedside cabinet and walked out.


‘Thanks,’ I shouted after her. I took my phone off my bed side table and switched it on, Niall hadn’t texted, only Charlotte saying: ‘Alright yeah would love too, see you at twelve, night love you too – Charlotte’


I smiled. But crap I need to get ready it was already twelve. I got out of bed leaving my lovely cooked breakfast to go cold and jumped in the shower.



Niall’s POV



I woke up on my own, feeling lost and lonely again. She left I knew she would. I decided to leave my room today. Since me and Cara had that talk I felt like my appetite had reappeared, I was starving this morning.


I walked out of my room, to be greeted by my five best friends. They stared at me like they’d seen a ghost. Well right now I probably did look like one.


‘Fried egg on toast please?’ I said smiling widely at Liam.


The boys all looked at me. Next thing I knew I was being swung around in the air by Liam.


‘Anything for you Nialler mate, but we do need to talk about something when you’re finished.’ Liam was firm but comforting. I knew what it’s be about. I sat at the table with my four best friends. Liam placed the most delicious looking egg and toast in front of me, I took a bite, swallowed. I felt instantly sick.


I threw my chair back and ran to the bathroom throwing up the contents. I flushed the chain, brushed my teeth and walked out. The boys sat on the sofa watching me and tears fell down my face. Harry pulled me onto his lap and hugged me close. Whispering softly everything was gonna be okay. I believe him, I really do.


‘You need to see a doctor’ Liam stated, being the mature one he is. I nodded, wanting to see a doctor, I just wanted this to stop.


I wanted to be a normal healthy teenage boy with an amazing career and more amazing girlfriend. I have one of those things anyway.

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