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Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


7. Chapter 7


Niall’s POV




It’s been four days since she kissed Zayn, I haven’t left my room. I haven’t eaten for days. How can I? All I can think of is Cara and Zayn, are they a couple now.


Zayn hasn’t even bothered trying to talk to me. All the other boys have been begging me to unlock my door, but how can I. I don’t want them to see me like this. Cuts all up my arms, blood all over my covers. I regret doing is every time, it just comforts me.


I grabbed the razor and glided across opening a new fresh cut, screaming into a pillow and sobbing quietly till I fell asleep.




Cara’s POV




I was sat with Amy and Molly laughing and chatting. I was feeling rather happy until my phone rang, I looked at the caller ID, erg Liam. I decided to answer anyway.


‘Hey Liam’


‘Cara, we need your help, please. Even if you hate Niall we need you to help please’ He sounded desperate.


‘What with Liam?’


‘Niall, he hasn’t eaten for four days. Well he hasn’t actually left his room since you and Zayn kissed.’ I shuddered at the thought of that kiss; it was purely horrible to think that it hurt Niall so bad.


‘I’ll be right there!’ I hung up pulled on my shoes and ran out of the door with Amy and Molly shouting my name. I got to the boys apartment, and knocked. A very worried Liam stood at the door. He let me in and I ran to Niall’s room.




Niall’s POV




I heard a knock at the door; I had just made fresh cuts.


‘Go away Liam, I’m not hungry,’ I shouted frustrated that he wouldn’t leave me alone.


‘Niall, its Cara. Please let me in I need to talk to you.’ Her still British accent rung in my ears. I wanted to see her so bad, but not like this. I bandaged up my wounds pulled on a long sleeved top and unlocked my door.


She ran into my arm and hugged me. I sobbed into her shoulder; she wouldn’t stop repeating two words.


‘I’m sorry.’ Over and over again. Once we broke apart, she shut the door and locked it. She sat on my bed patting the space beside her. I sat obediently.


Her eyes flicked from mine to my stomach. Her eyes filled with tears. Then repeated those words again, I pulled her into a hug and she cried into my chest. I cuddled her until she pulled away.


‘Niall, this needs to stop. We need to talk all of this over.’ Those words hit me like a bomb. I knew she was right, so I lay down, pulling her down with me, we cuddled and talked everything over.


We had talked for what seemed four hours and I was getting tired, I guess that’s what not eating does, she made me forget completely about my cuts. I stretched, my sleeves rolled down my arm reveling my cuts. Cara gasped and started crying all over again. This time it was my turn to apologize.




Cara’s POV




Soon as I saw them tears filled my eyes, I couldn’t take this. He’s self-harming and starving himself because of a stupid mistake I made.


‘Niall? What are these?’ I pulled his arm to my level and examined. Of course, I knew what they were. He cried, shouting he was sorry; I pulled him into my embrace and played with his hair. Kissing his head softly.


I did this for five minutes then held him arm width away.


‘Niall why?’ I asked. He looked at the deep cuts in his arms.


‘Because I missed you. I felt I wasn’t good enough. Zayn’s, fitter and better looking than me. I love you Cara. Frustration of this whole thing takes over, leaving self-harm the only option.’


He looked at me, tears streaming down his perfect face.


‘Niall, self-harm is never an option. I love you Niall, only you. I kissed Zayn because I was scared of you rejecting me, scared you would laugh in my face. Niall, you’re perfect. I don’t care about bodies or faces, I care about personalities. And yours is perfect.’

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