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Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


6. Chapter 6


Harry’s POV



Amy’s in here! I grinned to myself as I saw her mousy brown hair falling just below her shoulders in perfect curls. She was beautiful. She was laughing at something our teacher had just said, she looked over to me and shot me a grin then turned and carried on talking to her friends. I was very red right now. I watched her through the whole lesson. She was very smart. English must be a strong subject for her, she was great at it. The lesson came to an end and she stood up and edged towards me. She handed a note to me and walked out.


The note read: ‘Ha, take a picture it lasts longer ;) Just kidding have lunch today? Meet me at big tree on field half twelve – Amy x’


Inside I was screaming. I was gonna have lunch with the prettiest girl here at Firehouse Academy.



Amy’s POV



‘He just sat there, staring at me the whole lesson it was creepy but flattering’ I was sat on a bench at break with Cara. We’d been let out of P.E early so we grabbed a spot on our favourite bench.


‘Dude from One direction right?’ She said, I was pretty sure she was focused on something else, but didn’t say anything.



Cara’s POV



I wasn’t really listening to her gabble about Harry Styles. My mind was on Niall, and the situation from History. It broke me seeing him back here, after a year, being a huge pop star you wouldn’t think he’d come back here, but he did, shamefully I know exactly why. So we could get close, then he break my heart once more. Not having it. I’m not getting close again. I love Niall, I love him. But letting go is the best bet.


Tears started streaming down my face; I hadn’t even realized till Amy put her arm around me and pulled my head onto her shoulder.


'It’ll be okay, everything between you and Niall will be fine. Just talk things over, you never know that might help. No matter what we love you babe,’ She always knew what to say.


I saw Niall standing with Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn. He was smiling, he did look adorable. I’m gonna talk to him. I stood up leaving Amy sitting there on her own.


‘Be back in a minute.’ I said as I walked slowly to Niall and his friends. He turned round, and that perfect smile grew bigger and his eyes filled with love.



Niall’s POV



Oh my god, she’s coming over. Please say it’s to talk to me. She reached us, but instead of saying my name she blurted out Zayn’s name, grabbed his tie and kissed him, right in front of me. I acted like it didn’t bother me. But in reality my heart shattered into a million pieces, the one girl I’m truly in love with kissed my best friend. Worst thing, he didn’t push her away. He just kissed her till she pulled away and walked off. That’s when the tears streamed. They didn’t stop. I just couldn’t stop.



Cara’s POV



I walked back to Amy who was staring at me in awe.


‘What the actual hell Cara?’ She glared but had a playful look in her eye.


‘I...I don’t know. I got there and got scared so I just kissed him. I don’t even like him. I love Niall.’ I stuttered. She smiled.


‘I knew it!’ She pulled me into a bear hug, ‘Uh oh, Zayn and Liam are coming over.’ I spun round to be met by an angry Liam and bright red Zayn.


‘Why’d you kiss him?’ Liam yelled, frightening me a little, ‘You, Niall’s best friend of fourteen years should know he’s precious. Easily hurt. So you decide to kiss his best friend?!’


‘Yeah, and Niall my best friend of fourteen years should know I’m easily hurt, but that didn’t stop him from ignoring me for over a year after he made new friends.’ I shouted.


Everyone’s eyes were now on us.


‘He loves you okay! He loves you so much and he knew the moment he spoke to you he would want to come back. He wanted to talk to you so bad, but couldn't  He made time every day to read your texts and cried himself to sleep. He loves you, and missed you badly. All we ever heard was ‘Cara this’ ‘Cara that’. He loves you. Deal with it.’ I stood there. Shocked at what Liam had just said.


‘Look at that, he’s crying because of you,’ he pointed at an obviously heartbroken Niall. I just stared at him. Niall loved me back. What have I done?


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