Our Story

Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


5. Chapter 5


Molly’s POV



Oh my god, Louis Tomlinson just walked into my maths class and is next to me. I love One Direction. Louis’ my favourite. He smelt so good.


‘Hey, I’m Louis.’ He grinned a cheeky smile at me.


‘Molly,’ I hold my hand out for him to shake, instead his took it and kissed it lightly. I grin, the biggest grin ever. His lips were so soft.


‘Molly?’ My teacher interrupted my thoughts of me and Louis making out.


‘Here sir.’ I was turning the colour of a tomato as Louis watched me in awe. He’s so cute. I’ve always hated maths, but I’m pretty sure if he stays this year is going to be the best yet.



Louis’ POV



I’ve seen this girl in pictures. One of Cara’s friends. Totally gorgeous also seems to have a sweet personality. Maths is my favourite lesson from right now.


‘So, you know Cara right? You’re one of her friends?’ I asked politely.


‘Yeah, why?’ she whispered, obviously not wanting to get caught talking.


‘So you know the whole drama between her and my fellow band mate Niall then?’ She giggle quietly.


‘Yea, but I’m staying out of it.’ She smiled.

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