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Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


4. Chapter 4


Harry’s POV



‘Niall do we HAVE to go to school? I moaned. Niall is determined to get his best friend back. She was gorgeous. I’d seen pictures. But her friend Amy Rachels is the prettiest girl I have ever seen. Niall showed me a picture of him, Cara, Charlotte, Molly, Amy and Emily. Amy was perfection on the outside and probably on the inside too. She’s the one person I was actually looking forward to meeting at this new school.


‘Yes Harry, Cara’s my world. I need her to know.’ He shouted from the next room. We had agreed to move to Ireland for a while. This girl meant everything to Niall, we could all tell.


‘Get ready Harry.’ Louis chuckled as he walked in on me in my boxers. He didn’t really care. Neither did I to be honest. We’ve all seen each other naked. Not in a gay way, just because we were on tour. I walk around naked a lot.


‘I am.’ I rolled my eyes as I pulled my trousers on; I put on my shirt and blazer. I was the only boy looking forward to wearing a blazer, I love them. Niall’s used to it, as he went here before One Direction. Bet it’s gonna be weird for him going back. He’s do anything for Cara.



Niall’s POV



I was so nervous. Going back to this school would be hard. Seeing all my old friends will be amazing though.


‘Harry, you ready?’ I yelled. I could heard Louis and Harry laughing together.


‘Yes!’ He chuckled walking into my room, he laughed at me. I was so frustrated with my hair. On the one day I needed it to sit right, it doesn’t.




‘Niall, why’d you bug me so much, you’re not even ready?’ I shrugged. After five more minutes of styling I decided we couldn’t be any later. I grabbed my bag and left, boys walking behind me. I smiled at the thought of seeing Cara again. She’s my world. I fell for her, the way her beautiful natural hair frames her face and her eyes sparkle in the sun. Her laugh, oh my god it’s so cute, and the fact we’re so alike, the way we both laugh at anything, the way we can finish each other’s sentences. She’s perfect in every way.



Louis’ POV



I watched as Niall smiled to himself. He tends to do that a lot. I reckon it’s when he’s thinking of Cara. To him, she is everything. I think it’s cute, but I must admit I’m a bit worried about him getting heartbroken again. He was so sad through the whole tour because of leaving her behind, and now she won’t even talk to him. I kinda think this whole school thing is a bad idea, but he’d do anything to get her to be his.



Niall’s POV



‘We’re here!’ I yelled a huge smile spread widely across my face. I raced across the playground and into the huge blue doors, the boys followed closely behind. We need to go to the head teacher’s office first to get our time tables. So we headed there. I knocked on the door.


‘Come in.’ she called. I opened the door and the five of us walked in.


‘Niall James Horan, long time no see.’ She laughed and shook my hand.


‘Hey, this is Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson’ I said. She smiled at the boys and handed us our time tables. I smiled, and left. History first; great. I had to show the boys to their classes first, and then headed off for history. I walked to the door, and there she was, sitting at the front with a huge smile plastered on her face.


I opened the door, all eyes were on me. I felt myself burning up. The smile had vanished from her face and was replaced but a frown, enough to feel a stabbing in my heart.


‘Ah, Mr. Horan, nice of you to join us. Take a seat.’ He grinned his crooked dark yellow teeth at me. I smile back, even though right now I felt like dying. I take the smile off her face; maybe coming back here wasn’t the best idea.

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