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Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


3. Chapter 3


Cara’s POV



I woke up early; I lay there for what felt like hours just listening to the birds sing beautiful melodies. I loved listening to the birds, it’s so peaceful.


‘Cara, get up sweetie.’ My mum called from the bottom of the stairs. She still had no idea Niall was back or that I ditched school. The minute I got home last night, I ran to my room, locked the door and cried myself to sleep. This had become a regular thing over the last year. I dragged myself outta bed. As it was early, I had time to curl my hair before putting on my make-up and uniform.


I ran downstairs, bag in my hand.


‘Morning sweetheart.’ She smiled warmly at me ‘Sleep well?’


‘Yes thank you.’ I sat down at the kitchen table pouring myself some Cookie Crisp and milk. Then there was a knock at the door, I went to stand up.


‘No darling, sit I’ll get it.’ She walked out of the kitchen humming quietly to herself. I heard the click of the door opening then I froze. He was here. Niall was here.



Niall’s POV



‘Hey Sam’ Sam is Cara’s mum; she and I were super close; she was like a second mother to me. She smiled a huge smile at me.


‘Niall!’ She pulled me into an embrace. I hugged her back. ‘It’s weird not having you hear every day! When did you get back? How have you been? How long you back for? How’s the career going? Have you seen Cara yet? She’s in the kitchen if you want her.’ I laughed; she was bombarding me with questions.


‘It’s been weird not being around not gonna lie. I got back yesterday. I’ve been good. Until next week. It’s good, our fans are amazing. Yeah I have, but thanks I’ll go see her now. She turned around; I walked in shutting the door behind me. I followed Sam into the kitchen. She wasn’t there.


‘She was here two seconds ago.’ She frowned, obviously confused as to where Cara had gone.



Cara’s POV



She invited him in, I needed to get out. As soon as I heard the front door close I bolted out of the back door. It was still too early to go to school, so I wandered off to Charlotte’s.


I love Charlotte’s house. I knocked and soon as I did Charlotte opened the door.


‘Hey Cara, you’re early’ She laughed, she was right though, I was usually late.


‘Niall came to my house. Needed to leave, you ready?’ I smiled. She nodded, grabbed her bag and walked out.


‘Want to go park before heading off to school, it’s still pretty early.’ I asked. She smiled and nodded. Something was wrong with her; she wasn’t her normal upbeat self.


‘Charlotte? Are you okay?’ I wondered. She once again just nodded, obviously spaced out and not really noticing what I said. When we arrived at the park, we sat on the cold green grass. She just sat there staring into space. I didn’t bother talking, just watched her repeatedly look at her phone.



Charlotte’s POV



I sat here, with my best friend, unable to tell her the truth. I knew the reason Niall didn’t answer her calls or texts. But couldn’t tell her, I felt bad. I looked at my phone again, waiting for a text from James.


I noticed the time, crap we’re gonna be late. I stood up quickly, putting my hand out to help Cara up.


‘Come on, we’re gonna be late!’ I laughed, and ran dragging Cara along with me. I need to be happy. Cara will get suspicious.



James’ POV



I saw them running towards us. Two of my best friends. I missed them both so bad. As soon as they got to the gates I pulled them both into a bear hug and kissed them both on the cheek.


‘Hey girls!’ I smiled; then hugged them both separately.


‘I’ve missed you, sorry haven’t been around much. I’ve been preoccupied.’ Cara said a glint of sadness in her eye.


‘What’s your excuse?’ I winked at Charlotte. She giggled. God, she’s cute.


‘You kinda bore me.’ She shrugged; I could tell she was kidding.


*Bring Bring*


‘I’ll see you all at break? Cara, walk to tutor with me yeah?’ I said. I swung my arm around Cara and we walked to tutor.

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