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Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


2. Chapter 2


Niall’s POV



She looked gorgeous. They both did. I did miss her. I wanted to contact her, I just couldn’t. I just wouldn’t know what to say. I died seeing her cry so much, I just wanted to hold her, and place little kisses on her forehead and tell her I’m sorry. Tell her I’ll always be therefore her no matter what. But, I couldn’t lie to her. I can’t be there for her. Not all the time anyway. I’m away too much. She hated me anyway.


‘Blondie! Come here mate’ I heard a familiar voice call, I turned round to a grinning Greg. My brother. I missed him loads. I ran to him and we hugged.


‘Missed you bro’ He said as we pulled apart, ‘Seen Cara yet? I know she missed you’ the smile slipped from my face remembering what had happened earlier that day.


‘Yeah,’ I forced a fake smile, he could sense something was wrong, brotherly instinct you see.


‘What happened?’ I broke, tears streaming down my face, when I remembered her broken on the floor, eyes red because of the tears. Greg reached out and held me close.


‘She hates me Greg,’ I stuttered trying to stop crying, ‘She didn’t want to see me.’ I’m pretty sure he was lost for words as he just kept me close to his chest, I really do love my brother.



Cara’s POV



He’s back; I can’t believe he’s back. I was sat in Charlotte’s den drinking coke and eating crisps, I was still slightly sobbing into Charlotte’s shoulder. She played with my long blonde hair. She always did that when I was sad.


‘Cara?’ She whispered softly, I looked up. My eyes had swollen a little and gone all red. ‘I think you should talk to Niall.’ I looked at her, confused. Earlier she had been so mean to him, now she thinks I should talk to him. I knew she was right though, he was my best friend after all, well I thought he was.


‘I know, but what do I say?’


‘Start it like this; hey Niall, I know you’re my best friend, but in reality I love you so much. But I’m in total denial.’ I hit her but giggled, ‘See what I did there, denial’ She emphasized the word Niall as if I didn’t notice; her joke actually did make me giggle. This is why she’s my best friend, no matter what mood I’m in she can make me smile. I love her, and have no clue what I’d do without her.



Charlotte’s POV





‘Oooo, is that you’re boyfriend?!’ She giggled, she was taking about James, he was an old child hood friend.


‘He’s not my boyfriend!’ I actually did have a huge crush on him. But telling him would probably ruin our friendship. I grabbed my phone, reading the text out loud so Cara could hear what he had said.


Charlotte, why weren’t you and Cara at school, everyone misses you both. I heard Niall came back, is that why? Is Cara okay? Send my love to her, James.


She smiled. James was actually her friend too, except she considered him as more of a brother.


‘Text back saying; ‘I love you too big bro, and we’ll see him tomorrow.’ Anyway, Charlotte I’m going to go home, see you tomorrow morning?’ She smiled.


‘Okay see you tomorrow, love you.’ We always said that when one or the other was leaving. Cara grinned.


‘Love you too.’ We hugged and she walked out of the light blue tent.



Cara’s POV



It had been a long day and as usual, Niall had been on my mind all day. Thoughts rushed back at how I just broke the moment I saw him. Tears started streaming once more, as I fell on my knees. Just then I felt a hand touch my shoulder.


‘Cara?’ He whispered, just loud enough that I could hear, ‘Can I talk to you?’


His Irish accent made me melt. Even though I had lived here practically my whole life, my accent was still British. I wiped my tears, and stood up, knocking him to the ground.


‘Oh so now you want to talk, after over a year of you ignoring my calls and texts you want to talk?!’ I yelled, suddenly more angry than sad, ‘Well no, it doesn’t work like that.’


He stood up slowly, brushing the small rocks off of his hands. He looked to the ground.


‘I’m sorry, I didn’t have time.’ I looked at him, his eyes filled with tears, which made his eyes sparkle more.


‘What happened to the promise we made?’ I said, ‘What was it again?’


‘No matter what happens in the future, we’ll always be around for each other, I know Cara. And I’m sorry, but this whole band thing is keeping me busy.’



Niall’s POV



I could see more and more anger filling her eyes. I hated seeing her like this; she always did something reckless when she got this angry. I remember, someone once called me gay; she got so angry she broke his nose and jaw. I smiled at this. I was lost in thought, not even acknowledging Cara’s talking.


‘Niall!’ She yelled, ‘Where you even listening?’ My head shot up.


‘Course,’ I smile weakly.


‘What’d I say then?’ She asked, huge smirk across her lips.


‘That you love me and forgive me’ I winked cheekily. She wasn’t impressed. She kicked me in the leg; I hit the ground hard, new tears filling my eyes. She laughed at me and walked off, flinging her school bag back and forth.

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