Our Story

Cara's best friend Niall left for over a year with no contact, how will Cara take it when he returns;bringing his new friends with him.


1. Chapter 1


Cara’s POV



I lay there, silently watching the clock hands ticking. It had been over a year since I last saw Niall. I hated him not being around, he was my best friend. He was totally gorgeous with sparkly blue eyes and perfect blonde hair. He was always there for me. Until he auditioned for the X factor. Where met his new best friends; Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam. We haven’t really spoken since either. Niall’s in a huge band now, One Direction. I don’t really like them; they took my best friend from me.


‘Cara! Charlotte’s here! Get up. You’re going to be late!’ I grunted but sat up, quickly running to the bathroom, washed my face applied a thin layer of make-up and got dressed. I love my school uniform; it was a black blazer, white top and black mini skirt, with knee length socks and shiny black shoes.


Soon as I was dressed I ran down the stairs and greeted my best friend with a hug. I was so jealous of her. Her hair always sat perfectly, never out of place. It was really curly in a bun on her head. She was beautiful.


‘Looking forward to a new year?’ She smiled.


‘I am actually, except GSCE’s at the end, we need to really work hard this year’ It was our last year of school, we were both eighteen. ‘What about you?’


‘Oh yes! I miss being at school. How were your holidays?’ She was so cheerful all the time. It was amazing having a friend like her.


‘They were great.’ I grinned, although I was thinking about last summer, the greatest summer in the history of summers, I missed him. I missed Niall so bad.



Charlotte’s POV



She was lying, I could tell. She was hurting.


‘Heard from Niall?’ I regretted those three words the moment I said them. The huge grin she had dropped. The sadness was back. Whenever I looked into Cara’s blue eyes, I could always see a glint of sadness. This morning it was different, she looked completely happy, until I asked. I could see the hurt in her eyes once more. I always knew this was killing her, Niall was her best friend. They had been friends since they were four. I was jealous of their friendship.


‘No, I don’t really want to either. The moment I do, I will just die even more. I miss him Charlotte, but I never want to see him again.’ I nodded, not really knowing what else to say. I carried on walking, silently with Cara, until I heard it, the Irish accent, the one accent Cara would not want to hear.



Cara’s POV



‘Cara, I missed you’ I was startled from my thoughts; I looked up to see my old best friend standing there, with a huge grin on his face. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to run into his arms or run away. I just stood there. Silently staring at him. Startled as to why he was here. He’s famous. He forgot about me. Ignored me for over a year. He was too good for me.



Charlotte’s POV



‘Cara, let’s go.’ I tried to pull Cara in the opposite direction but she wouldn't budge. She just stood there, staring at the boy who broke her heart. Her eyes filled with more hurt than before. Now I really didn't know what to do. I tugged on her arm repeatedly, till she gave in. She dropped to the floor in tears. His smiled dropped as he ran towards us.


‘Go.’ I ordered pointing away from us. He looked at me, confused and a little hurt.


‘You’re the reason for this you know! You think that you can leave for over a year, not contacting her once then come back saying ‘Cara, I missed you’ and everything would be fine? Well no Niall, you really hurt her. She hasn't been okay since you left. She’s cried herself to sleep, basically every night. Just go Niall. Do what you do best and leave.’ I yelled, he stared at the broken girl in my lap, wiped a tear and walked away, not looking back for a single glance.

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