I promise...

“Don’t Fi, stop. I will get back, I promise you. I love you Fi.” I tried to smile, but all I wanted to do is cry. Lucas looked right at me for a while, he does that. Just looks and lets you fall for his gorgeous hazel eyes, making me feel like I was falling in love all over again.

5 years ago I met Lucas, I feel in love, I gave up everything for him because he was my world, my army boy. 2 years ago, the war took Lucas away, now is it time for me to move on and to leave Lucas behind, to stop living in the past with the love of my life...


3. When I first met you...

“Oh’ my god Felicity, he’s so hot, I mean look at him!” Lucy flicked her hair, staring at the guy she thought was hot standing with a group of other guys, I didn’t recognise him, he couldn’t have been from our school.

“I guess so…” She hit my arm, “Hey!”

“Are you nuts girl? He is hot! Get over James already, you need to get yourself back out there!”  Lucy went back to staring at the guy, James was my first long term relationship who’d recently dumped me for some girl he met in Menorca. I loved him, well I thought I did.

“Maybe you’re right Lucy, maybe we should go and talk to them?” Her eyes lit up; grabbing my hand she pulled me through the crowd of people towards the group of boys completely out of our league.

“Hey boys!” Lucy flicked her hair in attempt of flirting and getting herself a date. I looked nervously at the floor, I wasn’t really used to the flirting thing, I’d only had one boyfriend and he had dumped me.

“Hey I’m Lucas…” I looked up; hot boy was talking to me! I stared at him for a minute, his tanned skin, and his large brown eyes, his smile.

“Her name is Felicity.” Lucy brought me back to reality, giving me evils because I must have been staring at him. How embarrassing! I blushed,

“You can call me Fi though.” He laughed, “But you don’t have to call me that! Call me what you like…” Real cool Fi! He came closer to me, he smelled so good.

“It’s a pretty name Fi.” He looked into my eyes, I blushed looking down at my feet.

“Hey guys, how about a group picture?”  The club photographer asked us, even though Lucy and I were just latching onto this friendship group but everyone turned round to have our picture taken. Lucas came even closer, putting his arm round my waist pulling me into him.

I stroked Lucas’s face in the picture, his arm round my waist, we all looked so young. We were 18, the day we first met.

“Let me see!” Arianna reached out towards the photo as she crawled over to me on the sofa, I passed it to her as Arianna studied the photo. “Who?” She looked up at me; I glanced at the photo, her finger pointing to Lucas’s face,

“That’s daddy.”  I told her, she crinkled her nose bringing the photo closer to her, studying Lucas’s face.

“Daddy?” She asked, I nodded, as she stared at the picture more. “Where daddy?” I gulped, to save me breaking into tears.

“Daddy has gone away, on an adventure.” I told her, I couldn’t tell her that he’d died. Not yet.

“With Dora mummy?” She smiled, I laughed,

“Yes, with Dora!” I grabbed her and started blow a raspberry on her stomach, making her cry with laughter. I took the picture out of her hand, staring at me and Lucas once more before putting it back into the draw.

“Miss Arianna, I think it’s time for night nights.” I told her, picking her up off the sofa,

“Nooooo!” She whimpered, as I carried her up the stairs,

“Maybe you’ll dream of an adventure with Daddy and Dora?” I told her, she nodded and nuzzled into my neck, I hugged her tighter as I opened the door to her tiny pink nursery. I pulled down the side of her cot, putting her down into it. She lay down straight away, which was unlike her, so I tucked her in, kissing her on the check. Arianna watched me as I pulled up the side of her cot and walked back over to the door,

“Mummy and daddy love you…” I whispered before turning out the light, leaving the room, pulling the door behind me.

I walked back downstairs quietly,

 Lucas you would have been an amazing dad, Arianna would have loved you. Every day she asks about you, she loves you Lucas. I wish you could see how beautiful she is, she has your eyes Lucas. I see you in her more and more every day, she’s going to make you so proud Lucas…

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