I promise...

“Don’t Fi, stop. I will get back, I promise you. I love you Fi.” I tried to smile, but all I wanted to do is cry. Lucas looked right at me for a while, he does that. Just looks and lets you fall for his gorgeous hazel eyes, making me feel like I was falling in love all over again.

5 years ago I met Lucas, I feel in love, I gave up everything for him because he was my world, my army boy. 2 years ago, the war took Lucas away, now is it time for me to move on and to leave Lucas behind, to stop living in the past with the love of my life...


4. In the park...

“Do you want to go to the park Arianna?” I grabbed Arianna from in front of the TV, wrestling her arms into her jacket. After what Lucy had said about not spending time with my daughter I thought I’d prove her wrong by spending as much time with Arianna before she went to school.

“Dora mummy!” Arianna reached back out towards the TV, but I switched it off making her whimper.

“No not today Arianna, we are having a mummy and daughter day!” I put her into her push chair and strapped her in, “We are going to the park to play on the swings, and fed the duckies maybe and then we can go out for lunch?” Arianna smiled at me, her eyes sparkling, just like Lucas’s eyes. I pulled open the front door, pushing Arianna out, and then slammed the door shut.

The park was busy, full of mums and dads with their children, sometimes I felt alone her, sometimes getting those looks, the looks that saw me as a single mum.


“I heard from Sally, who heard from Becky that those hot guys hang out at the park, so that’s why we’re here.” Lucy had my arm linked, therefore I couldn’t run away.

“I don’t want to go…” I whispered, I didn’t want to see that Lucas boy again, I’d mucked up talking to him at the club, and I didn’t want to do it again. I wasn’t exactly practiced in flirting and getting boys, I’d only had one boyfriend and he dumped me.

“Oh’ come on Fi, you and that fitty Lucas were practically making out the other day, he likes you!” She shook my arm, but I blushed, “He did! I can tell because I know boys better than you do.” She glanced around the park, trying to look for the boys.

“Maybe they’re not here.” I hoped, but she glared at me.

“Right you stay here, I’m going to look the other side of the playground, ring me if they come round here alright Fi. Don’t chicken out on me.” She let go of my arm, and started to walk along the path until I could no longer see her. I wanted to run and go home, I didn’t want to flirt with Lucas, and he probably thinks I’m a right loser.

“Hey Fi, is that you?” I froze; it was Lucas, as I recognised his voice and didn’t know what to do. I turned round as he walked to me, luckily he was alone.

“Oh’ hi...” I blushed,

“What ya’ doing here?” He asked me, his eyes were so… so amazing. I couldn’t think, because I couldn’t tell him I was here to find him.

“I was… erm… walking my dog.” I bite my lip, what was I thinking, I didn’t have a dog! He looked around,

“Where’s your dog?” I looked around, where the hell was I meant to get a dog from?

“She’s… she’s with Lucy.” He smiled, “She’s called… erm Ari- Arianna. Yeah Arianna.” His smiled turned into a smirk, he didn’t believe me. Crap.

“Fi do you have a dog?” I couldn’t help but laugh, I looked at him as I shook my head, “Do you want to go for a walk and you can tell me what you are really doing here?” I blushed, I didn’t want to wait around here for Lucy, and anyway I was going off with a guy! We walked off together into the woods,

“Well we were actually here because Lucy wanted to see you and the guys from the other night, she said she hangs out here a lot…” He laughed,

“Bit of a stalker huh?”

“Yeah…” Time to throw Lucy under the bus for forcing me to come to the park, “She is actually…”

We made our way further away from Lucy to the other side of the park, my phone bleeped in my pocket, but I ignored it. Sometimes Lucy really pissed me off, just like today.

“You’re not like you’re friend Lucy are you?” We glanced at me,

“What do you mean?” I asked him, but I already knew me and her were very different.

“You’re quiet and different.” He smirked, “A good different, you know? Pretty too…” I blushed, Lucas thought I was pretty! In your face Lucy!

“Thanks Lucas.” He quickly turned to me,

“Fi, did you want to go out some time?” I gulped,

“Like a date?”

“Yeah, if you want though, I mean I like you Fi and I’d like to get to know you better?” He brushed his hand through his hair,

“I’d like that a lot…” I was sort of hoping Lucy would find us soon, just so she could witness me being asked out on a date!

“Did you want my number, then or…? I mean you could give me yours?”  He stumbled his words, I got out my mobile from my pocket, and he looked shocked.

“Here you go then…” He fumbled to get his phone out, “0759864421, that’s my number…” He quickly typed my number into my phone,

“I’ll text you so you get my number, and I’ll call you later?” I smiled,

“Sure.” My phones showed one unread message from Lucy, I opened it,

‘Where the hell r u bitch?! Chickened on me, couldn’t find the hot guys. So went 2 town, meet me ok? X’ Sometimes I wonder why I’m friends with her!

“Wanna’ keep walking or do something else?” He winked at me, and I laughed,

“Go on then!”



Arianna screamed as she sled down the side,

“Is that your daughter?” I women asked me, as she watched her child that followed Arianna down the slide,

“Yeah, looks like someone has made a friend!” We laughed, as we watched Arianna and her child run around the playground.

“I’m Sophie by the way.” She held out her hand and I shook it, “And that’s my daughter Mia.”

“Hi, I’m Fi and that’s Arianna.” She nodded, slinging her handbag over her shoulder,

“What an unusual name, is the name a family one or…?” She asked, but I wasn’t completely sure if she actually hated it and was a complete snob.

“Well, it was a name her dad and I really liked.” I tried to hold back my smile; I wasn’t going to tell her my daughter was named after my imaginary dog.

“It’s nice our daughters are friends, saves us chasing them around the park!” She laughed, flicking back her long, well-conditioned blonde hair, “You know the dads are like? Just expecting us to raise the children and look after the house whilst they’re at the office all day and still want their dinner on the table the minute they get home! Typical men hey?!” I smiled,

“Yeah…” Like I knew anything about that, I didn’t have a husband.

“Oh’ I have an idea Fi, we don’t we organise a play date and a coffee for us in the week?” She fumbled in her bag and got out her diary, flicking through the pages, “You don’t work do you Fi?” She glanced up at me,

“Yes, I’m a wedding dress designer actually…” I reached into my bag and grabbed my large work diary, papers sticking out of it, looking scruffy compared to hers.

“Oh’ what a completely splendid job Fi, is it at that sweet shop in the town, you make them all?” She grinned, I never thought my job was ever that exciting, I didn’t.

“Well there’s a team of us, but yes we make them all.” Her mouth dropped,

“Oh’ how I’d love a job like you, but my husband likes to be the bread winner you know? Does your husband work also?” I glanced over to Arianna who was still playing with Mia, Arianna hadn’t got a friend before, and I didn’t want to muck it up.

“Yeah, he works abroad a lot, always flying around the world. He’s… erm… in America.” She clicked a pen that she pulled out from her handbag,

“You must have such a perfect relationship! So how about this coffee? What days do you not work?” I opened my diary, I had to work all this week overtime to get 3 dresses done, maybe I could get Friday lunch free?

“I have a few hours this Friday lunch.” She scribbled in her diary,

“Come to mine, gives me an excuse to use the new coffee machine! Let me note you down my address.” She wrote it down and passed me a pink post it note.

11 Pitt Street




“Oh look at the time! You know the address?” She asked, but of course I knew it, it was one of the exclusive addresses in London.  I nodded, “Mia sweetie, come on mummy needs to go now! Mia!” Sophie called, as she walked over and picked up Mia, Arianna staring at her. “I’ll see you Friday Fi, bye!” Sophie strutted out the park, before jumping into her black shining four by four. Arianna walked over to me, tugging at my jacket.

“Wow Arianna, we’re going to Kensington!”

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