here's a couple of stories about bullyied boys and girls. Think before you speak. :)


2. second story

It was about midnight, I couldn't sleep. Today my friends had gone behind my back, they had said all my secrets to the whole school and I was on the way to enter the classroom. I was innocent, and hadn't told any of their secrest to anyone. I started to get mad, but then I cried, I was a fool. The one I liked came out and saw me, he pointed at me and laughed. He said "she's right here, let's punch her" They held me and I couldn't do anything. They kicked me and told me, I was a lier and a bitch. I didn't say anything, instead the teacher came, they stopped and ran into the class. I ran too, just home instead. My mom and father had a discusion and when they saw me, my mom yelled at me and my father tried to stop her. I didn't care, I opened the door to my room and locked the door, shut the window and pulled the curtain down. I took a scissor and started cutting my hair off, I cutted my arm too. The next day, I didn't eat anything. I took to my school and got punched again, but that day I stayed in school and got bullied all the time. The week cotinued that way. The month after my father broke up with my mom and I moved with him to start in a new school. I got bullied again and we moved a week after. That way we continued but one day I gave up. My father took to work and kissed me goodbye, I wrote a letter to my father about how i was a rock on his way and that I loved him. I found a gun and sat with it for an hour. I took a decision, I moved the gun to my head and shot myself.

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