here's a couple of stories about bullyied boys and girls. Think before you speak. :)


1. First story

It all began back in 1983, I was the popular one and had red hair. There were one geek in my class, everybody hated him for being smarter than them, I just moved into the class. It was chaos, he were threatened to cheat and make everybody elses homework. The poor boy didn't knew what to do, so he helped them and after that he always got punched. He couldn't just say stop, because then it only got worse. I remeber when we started in 7th grade, The boys chased him in our spare time and when they got him they pulled his pants down, and peeyed on him. In the winter they gave him snow, I got out to them trying to make them stop. They stopped kicking snow in hes face and when he passed me i told him to run. So he did. The boys turned and said "If you is girlfriend to one of us, in at least two years nothing evil will ever happen to him again". I made a fast decision "Okay" I said thinking it was okay. "Meet one us at the schools exit" they told me who stood were. They followed me back to my class, as promised I chosed one guy. He was kind of cute. But they didn't stop, not at all. I went furius and took my brothers motor cycle to school. In the next pause they went into my class. But this time i grabbed the boy took his hand to pull him with me. I opened the window and jumped onto the roof, he followed me with no words. The whole school was staring at us. He was not good to run, he got caught. I ran as fast as I could, took my brothers motor cycle, drove into the big space at my school. Everybody was afraid that I would do something in my madness. The bullied boy got to his feet and sat behind me. Together we drove away from school, life and our houses.


Ten years after:

The boy and I live now happy together in L.A.

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