Best Friend Love

Eunice has a best friend named Louis from One Direction. She fell in love with her best friends. What would be Louis' reaction if he knew this. And in one part of this story, Zayn falls in love too with this girl she just met. And Harry also falls in love with a girl who he thought was a bad person, but not. Would everyone have a happy ending? Lets see what would happen.


15. Seeing Her Again

*3 months later*

The boys were practicing there new single for there up coming album. So they were so busy, when suddenly someone called Zayn from behind. It was Maria but she grew fatter? Wait, ow.... she got muscles and she got thinner. Then Zayn went to her and hugged her tightly. So Zayn asked her what happened and also her new look.

Maria: Looked surprised babe.

Zayn: So surprised! You changed a lot, what happened to you?

Maria: Oh my cousins told me to go with them to go outing. So I went with them, and we've been excersized everyday and we only eat twice a day. So that's why I got slimmer and had muscles.

Zayn: That's why.

Maria: Don't you like my new look?

Zayn: No, I love it. You look more beautiful in my eyes.

Maria: Thanks. Babe, I missed you so much.

Zayn: I missed you too. Welcome back home.

Maria: Thanks. I love you.

Zayn: I love you too. 

Then Zayn leaned towards Maria and kissed her. So after there practice, Zayn went to Maria and invited her to have dinner and to tour her in England. So they both ate at the restaurant and after eating they went to the park. So Maria suddenly stopped and gave something to Zayn.

Zayn: What is this for?

Maria: Happy 3rd Monthsary!

Zayn: You remembered?

Maria: Yeah. And that's why you brought me to the restaurant because you also remembered it, right?

Zayn: Oh. Yeah, yeah.

Actually Zayn forgot about it. He just brought her to the restaurant to have dinner but she thought different. He was so shy about him forgetting there monthsary. So when the evening got late. Zayn asked Maria if she has a home or condo to stay in.

Zayn: Do you have some place to stay?

Maria: Actually I am planning to stay at a hotel. Why?

Zayn: Oh. I was thinking if you want to stay at my house?

Maria: Is it okay?

Zayn: Of course, you're my girl friend.

Maria: Okay. Thanks Zayn.

Zayn: No problem.

So they went home. There was a guest room, so Maria stayed there. So Zayn was like ''she could stay in my room if she wants''. So he asked Maria.

Zayn: Hey babe, would you like to stay in my room so you won't get alone in your room?

Maria: No, its okay. I can stay at the guest room. Don't worry about me.

Zayn: Okay, I'll just stay in your room and when you're asleep I'll go back to my room. Is that okay?

Maria: Okay. Thanks for always being here.

Zayn: Its okay babe. I love you.

Maria: Hugs and Kisses... 

So Zayn stayed with Maria for a while. So when Maria fell asleep and Zayn kissed her forehead and went back to his room. 

Morning came and Zayn woked up. He immediately went to Maria's room. So when he saw she was still sleeping he thought of cooking breakfast and some hot choco. So when Maria woke up, she texted Eunice that she was already in England and she is at Zayn's house. So she went out of her room because of the smell of toast bread and sunny side up eggs. Then when she got to the dinning room, she saw Zayn reading a news paper. So she went to him and told him.

Maria: Mmmmmmm. I didn't know you know how to cook.

Zayn: I learned that from my mom. 

Maria: Nice. I love it.

Zayn: Thanks. And lets go eat. I am starving.

So they ate breakfast. When they were done eating, Maria's phone rang. She excused herself and answered. It was Adele.

Adele: Hello sister.

Maria: Hi.

Adele: Hey, I heard you're at Zayn's house.

Maria: Yeah.

Adele: I think we should have a bonding time.

Maria: Sure. I will just let Zayn drive me to your house.

Adele: Wait. Oh Maria, no ones home. My brother is with Eunice at there house. Can you just go at Niall's house?

Maria: Okay. Take care. Bye.

Adele: Bye.

So Maria went to Zayn instantaneously and asked him.

Maria: Zayn can you drive me to Niall's house?

Zayn: Why? 

Maria: Oh. Adele called and told me to have a bonding time with them.

Zayn: Oh. Okay babe. I will just drive you there later.

Maria: Thanks. 

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