Best Friend Love

Eunice has a best friend named Louis from One Direction. She fell in love with her best friends. What would be Louis' reaction if he knew this. And in one part of this story, Zayn falls in love too with this girl she just met. And Harry also falls in love with a girl who he thought was a bad person, but not. Would everyone have a happy ending? Lets see what would happen.


12. New Love

So when they woke up the next day, Zayn was still asleep. So Harry woke him up. 

Harry: Hey Zayn. Wake up!!!

Zayn: (Still sleeping)

Harry: Hey Zayn... Its morning. Time to wake up..

Zayn: What! I know its morning..

Harry: So you were awake already?

Zayn: Yeah...

Harry: Sorry.

Zayn: Its okay.

So Zayn got up and ate breakfast. So after the boys wake up, they took a bath and put on there clothes because they were going to rehearse there World tour last time and have the World tour concert in Japan. So the girls went to go shopping in Japan.

Eunice: So guys, we are going to the mall, and buy souvenirs and we will just go to the world tour at night.

Louis: Its okay hun. So don't forget to buy me sushi.

Eunice: Sure. How about you guys?

Harry: Oh I want sushi too.

Liam: Buy me sausages..

Adele: How about you love?

Niall: Whatever you like babe.

Adele: Okay. So off we go to the mall and you guys go a head to your rehearsal. 

Niall: Okay babe... Good bye Eunice.

Louis: Bye love take care.

Eunice: Love you..

Louis: Love you too..

(Louis kisses Eunice)

So the girls went to the mall and the boys are setting up. Zayn was still focus with his phone.

Zayn P.O.V. 

I was texting Maria if she can go to the World Tour and I was like falling in love with this girl. She is so beautiful, so lovable and even though I just met her, she is like the world to me.

Harry: Hey Zayn, we are going. C'mon c'mon. 

Zayn: Okay I am coming.

So the boys went out and went to go to there rehearsal. While they were there, the girls were busy at the groceries. So while they were there they saw Maria.

Eunice: Adele, that girl is the one we saw with Zayn yesterday. Maybe that's the girl he like?

Adele: Yeah let's go and ask her.

Eunice: Sure.

So they went to Maria.

Eunice: Ummm. Hi.

Maria: Hi, may I help you?

Eunice: Yes. Are you Maria?

Maria: Yes, how'd you know my name?

Eunice: We saw you with Zayn yesterday. 

Adele: So we went here to ask you that.

Maria: Yes I am that girl, is there a problem?

Eunice: None.. So we like to know more about you. 

Maria: Okay. So after this lets just go to the coffee shop. 

Adele: Sure. 

So after they have there groceries, they went to Starbucks and had coffee there. So they talked about there life and relationships. 

Maria: I heard you and Louis are together.

Eunice: Yeah. We were first bestfriends that became together. 

Maria: That's cool. You fell in love with your best friend.

Adele: When I knew that my brother also feels something for Eunice, I was like "I was right all along''.

Eunice: So lets not talk about me. Lets talk about you and Zayn.

Maria: Me? 

Adele: Yeah.

Maria: We are just friends. He invited me to there World Tour and that's it.

Eunice: Are you sure? Cause we think he likes you so much, well actually not think, we are so sure. 

Adele: What do you think?

Maria: We are just friends.

Adele: No your not. There is something, don't you think?

Eunice: Yeah. Tell us, we are your friends.

Maria: Okay. I kinda like him.

Adele: Were so correct. 

Maria: Okay I said it. Just don't say it. 

Eunice: Your secret is safe. 

Then they became friends. So after having a fun time at the cafe, they went to the concert. So they watched. 

After the concert they went backstage and when Zayn saw Maria with Eunice and Adele he was shocked. So he went closer to her and said.

Zayn: I am so happy you made it.

Maria: Actually I saw Eunice and Adele and they told me to come with them.

Zayn: Thanks so much, you made my day so happy.

Maria: No problem.

So after that, they went to the hotel without Zayn. He was with Maria. So Louis asked Eunice what happened.

Louis: What just happened?

Eunice: Oh we saw Maria, the one with Zayn yesterday.

Harry: Oh so that's what happened. 

Adele: Pretty much. 

So while the others are in the hotel already, Zayn was busy chatting with Maria.

Zayn: So thank you.

Maria: Why are you keep on saying thank you to me?

Zayn: Nothing. I just ....... 

Maria: What.....

Zayn: I you know...... You know...

Maria: What.... you what?

Zayn: I like you..

Maria: Me? 

Zayn: Kinda.

Maria: Don't worry I like you too..

Zayn: What, you like me too?

Maria: No no no no....

Zayn: I just heard you.. 

Maria: Fine. I like you.

Zayn: I like you too.

Then Zayn hugged Maria. 

Maria: Together?

Zayn: Forever.....

Then they went home. So when Zayn got home, he was smiling. So the others were like why is he like that... So they asked him, but he just won't answer. 

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