Best Friend Love

Eunice has a best friend named Louis from One Direction. She fell in love with her best friends. What would be Louis' reaction if he knew this. And in one part of this story, Zayn falls in love too with this girl she just met. And Harry also falls in love with a girl who he thought was a bad person, but not. Would everyone have a happy ending? Lets see what would happen.


11. New Friend

When they got there in Japan, they went to different places. First they went to Tokyo and then Himeji Castle. So when they got tired they went back to the hotel and ate.

Louis: This food is awesome.

Niall: I want more food. 

Adele: Niall, your not yet finishing yours.

Niall: Fine love.

Liam: Hey Zayn lets go to Hiroshima.

Zayn: Yeah, I heard it was nice there.

Harry: Can I come with you guys?

Zayn: Yeah sure.

So after they ate. The three boys left to go to Hiroshima since there practice will start tomorrow. So the rest are planning to stay at the hotel.

Eunice: Its so nice here Louis.

Louis: I know. How about we also plan to go out?

Eunice: Sure. But where?

Louis: Maybe in.... ummmmmm...

Adele: How about both of you go to Golden Temple in Kyoto. 

Eunice: That sounds nice... Lets go there. 

Louis: Yeah. So guys, me and Eunice are going to Kyoto and how about you two?

Niall: Were just staying here for a while then maybe go to Matsumoto Castle..

Louis: Good bye guys.

Niall: Bye.

So when Louis and Eunice left, Niall and Adele got ready. So off they go to Matsumoto Castle. So while they were there, Zayn, Liam and Harry are in Hiroshima, Zayn saw this girl who was keep on taking pictures. So Zayn went near her.

Zayn: Excuse me.

Maria: Oh Hi.

Zayn: So your an American?

Maria: Yes. You are an American too?

Zayn: Actually I'm British.

Maria: Cool.

Zayn: I was just wondering why do you take a lot of pictures?

Maria: I was just amazed by the story of this place. 

Zayn: So you want to make some pictures to not forget this place?

Maria: Something like that.

Zayn: So I forgot to introduce myself, I am Zayn.

Maria: And I am Maria. Nice meeting you Zayn.

Zayn: You too. 

Harry: Hey, Zayn..

Zayn: What Harry?

Harry: Oh hello. I am Harry, what's your name?

Maria: Hi. I am Maria.

Harry: What a nice name Maria.

Maria: Thanks. So Zayn is this one of your friends?

Zayn: Yeah this is Harry and over there is also my friend Liam.

Maria: Nice. So I better go. 

Zayn: Yeah...

So as Maria goes, Zayn wants to ask her, her phone number. So he said.

Zayn: Wait! Maria. 

Maria: What?

Zayn: May I know your phone number?

Maria: Sure. 

Then they gave numbers to each other and Maria left.

Liam: So you like that girl, don't you?

Zayn: No I don't.

Liam: You do Zayn.

Zayn: Fine. But please don't push it to hard

Harry: Okay. 

Liam: Lets go guys. Lets go back to our hotel.

Harry: I am starving.

When they got to the hotel, they saw Niall and Adele. 

Niall: Back early?

Liam: How about you two. We thought you were going to that Castle.

Niall: We just got home. Its just near.

Adele: So Zayn, are you waiting for an important message?

Harry: He is waiting for the reply of that girl we saw.

Niall: Ohhh. I think you met a new friend. What's her name?

Zayn: Her name is Maria.

Adele: Wow. Nice name of a young lady.

Zayn: I know.

When suddenly the door opened, it was Louis and Eunice.

Louis: Why is everybody back?

Niall: Oh we had fun time even in a short time.

Eunice: Oh. So I heard Zayn has a new friend.

Zayn: How'd you know? 

Louis: We saw you with a girl.

Zayn: How?

Eunice: We thought of going to Hiroshima too. 

Zayn: Okay. 

So they talked and talked, until night comes and they ate dinner. So after they ate, they all sleep. So Niall and Adele are in one bed and Liam and Harry are also in one bed and Louis and Eunice are in one too. And Zayn he slept at the sofa. So they all went to sleep except for Zayn. Zayn was texting Maria until he fell asleep when the clock strike 2:30 am. 


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