Best Friend Love

Eunice has a best friend named Louis from One Direction. She fell in love with her best friends. What would be Louis' reaction if he knew this. And in one part of this story, Zayn falls in love too with this girl she just met. And Harry also falls in love with a girl who he thought was a bad person, but not. Would everyone have a happy ending? Lets see what would happen.


10. Leaving Again

Louis had to go back to there World Tour with the boys. So as Louis said good bye too each of there love ones. Louis talked to Eunice.

Louis: So we're going to leave.

Eunice: Yeah. So good bye.

Louis: Good bye. Always take care and I will miss you so much.

Eunice: I will also miss you. Good bye......

As Louis leaves, Eunice looked so sad. She wanted to tell him that she likes him before he leaves but she is too afraid to lose her only bestfriend. That's why she didn't tell him. As she saw Louis walked away, she feels so lost, like something so precious to her was lost and can never get back to her. So tears fall down on her cheeks.

*At home

Adele: You really miss him don't you?

Eunice: I do, but I can't tell him what I really feel for him.

Adele: Your fear overcomes your love for him. You should fight it.

Eunice: But I am to afraid to lose him.

Adele: I told you before there's time, go to him and tell him what you really feels before he leaves.... Go....

Eunice: Your right. Come with me. Lets go to the airport.

*The boys were on there way to the plane.


I should have think for this. Why was I so stupid. I should go tell him what I feel. Adele was right, I should not let my fear overcome my love.

When Eunice reached the airport, she immediately asked the person at the counter and she was shocked when she heard the plane left 15 minutes ago. So she cried and cried. When Adele and Eunice was about to go home, someone called Eunice. It was Louis. So Eunice ran to Louis and told him....
Eunice: Why are you still here, I thought you have a World Tour to go to?

Louis: We do have. But I forgot to tell you that I love you.

Eunice: (speechless)

Louis: I was afraid that you won't like me. You would but as a friend not as a boyfriend.

Eunice: I love you to Louis.

They kissed and hugged each other like they can never release each other.
So Louis told them that they should go with them in Japan, Eunice and Adele agreed. So they went to Japan with the boys.

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