Best Friend Love

Eunice has a best friend named Louis from One Direction. She fell in love with her best friends. What would be Louis' reaction if he knew this. And in one part of this story, Zayn falls in love too with this girl she just met. And Harry also falls in love with a girl who he thought was a bad person, but not. Would everyone have a happy ending? Lets see what would happen.


13. Is That True Love?

So they were waiting for Zayn's answer but he just won't tell. So while they were waiting, Niall asked Adele to go out and have some time together. So they left the hotel.

Niall: Adele, how's your day?

Adele: Its fine, fun, and exhausting. Why?

Niall: Nothing babe.

Awkward silence.......

Niall: So I was thinking its our last day here in Japan, I would like to give you something.

Adele: What's that?

Niall: Close your eyes.

Adele: Okay.....

Niall pulls out in his pocket a beautiful bracelet that says "I love you". So he went to Adele and asked her to open her eyes. So when she opened her eyes she was amazed and shocked for what she saw. And then she went to Niall and hugged him.

Adele: Thanks Niall. You always know what to give me.

Niall: Anything for you babe. I love you.

Adele: I love you too.

So Niall gave the bracelet to Adele and Adele kissed Niall. So after that, they went to the hotel and still they saw the boys except for Eunice waiting for Zayn to answer.

Eunice: Hey. Where did you two go?

Niall: We just had a walk.

Adele: So they are still waiting.

Eunice: They won't stop....

Finally, Zayn spit it out. He told them he was inlove with Maria and now they were together already. So the others was really shocked. Then after that Liam, the daddy direction went to Zayn and asked him.

Liam: Zayn, are you sure with Maria?

Zayn: Of course.

Liam: You just met her and now you love her and you're together.

Zayn: So, what's wrong with that?

Liam: The thing is, you just met her. Don't you need to date first and then if you need to date her again then do it. And that's the time when you can be together.

Zayn: Liam, the thing is if she loves me and I love her, that's okay.

Liam: I know. But your relationship is complicated.

Zayn: Blah blah blah Liam. If you're like that because you have no one with you, then go get yours.

Liam did not do anything. He was just worried about Zayn. So he sat on the bed and he fell asleep. So the others went to sleep because they have an early flight tomorrow back to England.

So Midnight struck, Zayn called Maria and told her that they are going to leave tomorrow.

Zayn: Maria, were going to leave tomorrow to go back to England. Would you like to go with us?

Maria: I am not sure Zayn. I am going home first in America and that's the time I can go to England to visit you. Is that okay?

Zayn: Okay babe, I will wait for you.

Maria: Just text me when you're in England.

Zayn: Okay. Take care here babe. I love you.

Maria: I love you too. Take care.....

So they both hang up the phone. So Zayn went back to sleep.
The morning came and of course Eunice always gets up first, so she took a warm bath and fixed her clothes and she also fixed Louis' clothes. So she cooked breakfast for them. So when Louis woke up, he saw Eunice gone by his side, so he got up and he saw Eunice in the kitchen. He went to her and hugged from the back. So Eunice was shocked and she told Louis.

Eunice: Louis, you should have told me your here.

Louis: Sorry love.

Eunice: It's okay. Take a bath already you smell horrible.

Louis: Really? No I don't....

Eunice: I am just kidding.

Louis: You smell good love. Did you take a bath already?

Eunice: Yeah.

Louis: Why didn't you wake me up to join you?

Eunice: You're crazy. Just take a bath now.

Louis: Yes mom.....

Then Louis took a bath, so the others woke up already because of the smell of the food. So of course Niall got first in the table then Harry and here comes the others.
So after they had there breakfast they rested for a while. So Niall got first in the bathroom and then Liam and then Harry and then Adele and the last one Zayn. So when they all got dressed, they fixed there things and of they go to the airport.
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