The Road Not Taken

On a damp Lake District visit in their faithful vw camper, Daisy, the two university buddies Elle and Chloe find themselves knitted into a blood- spattered dilemma.


1. The Road Not Taken

    “Patrington, 2 miles. Torver, 8. Two guesses which road we’re taking.” The two girls gazed up at the crooked old signpost, shivering in the typical Lake District drizzle. They had been touring the Lakes in their battered VW camper and were trying to find somewhere suitable to stay the night, as dark would soon be upon them.

    “I’m cold, I’m hungry, and I’m tired. Unless we go that way,” Chloe pointed west, towards Patrington, “we’ll end up sleeping in the ‘van with nothing to eat.”

    “I don’t know, that road doesn’t look too welcoming, and Daisy isn’t that bad- we’d be alright sleeping in her.”

    “s’ not enough fuel to keep her running all night, we’ll freeze to death- and starve!”

    “Patrington it is then!” Elle chanted in a fake- ecstatic tone.

    As the girls clambered into the van, they felt eyes searing into the back of their heads, and as Daisy’s doors slammed shut; large, coal- black birds screech and rose into the fierce sky.


    Cautiously, the camper crawled down the bumpy track and the girls aimed nervous glances at the shadowy undergrowth that surrounded them. It was dark by now and the clouds drifted eerily across the moon, the headlight made the Creatures dance. Just a trick of the light. They leaped towards them, prancing and flitting as they went.

    Suddenly, and with a grumbling groan, Daisy lost power. They were thrust into darkness and all the Creatures disappeared. All, that is, except one...

    “Oh no!” Chloe panicked.

    “Sshhh... I heard something. Sounds like there’s someone on the roof.”

    A loud bag made Chloe aware that her friend was telling the truth but there was no need; out of the corner of her eye, she saw long, sharp, blade- like claws and a menacing grin. Death was greeting her...

    Elle turned in horror as an ear- splitting scream pierced the night. The sound of blade in flesh sent goose bumps running up her arms and as ruby droplets of blood spattered her face, she watched her best friend die. The Creature vanished with a manic, spine- tingling giggle, only to reappear next to her.

    Slowly, silently, without taking her eyes off the Creature, she backed away. Another giggle. She heard slashing claws too close for comfort and breathing in her ears joined the booming, pounding, rushing blood. It was behind.

    In pain, she covered her chest with a hand and then pulled it away to find a warm, wet fluid drip on her muddy jeans. With a sigh, Elle gazed at the glistening scarlet stain that was creeping across her top, and closed her eyes for the last time...


    Nobody ever saw the university students or their faithful VW ever again, but numerous sightings were reported of two girls; warning lost travellers of the road not taken, but, of course, nobody listens to the echoes of reality...

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