So This is Love?

Juliet Roberts is surprised to find the one and only Liam Payne staying in her house while her parents are on vacation in Cape Cod. At first she feels like just a young Mom, caring for another. But dreams and urges to just kiss him and have him hold her forever can't be normal for every hard core Directioner, right? If not...then is this love?


5. The Great Pop Star Rescue

We snuck toward the van, dodging behind cars all over the parking lot. I was worried. "What can the paparazzi do to a guy if they kidnap him? What are they capable of?" I asked Zayn quietly. "Oh, nothing that bad, really. They just take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures, and they ask Impossible questions to clear up rumors, just to start up some more...anyway, I'm just as worried as you are. I know he's OK, though. Paparazzi can't harm him or anything." "Ok." I was reassured, but not entirely. Zayn made me feel safe though. We stayed low as we crossed to the empty row of cars where the black van was parked. We peeked in the windows. Nothing. "They must be inside the park!" I said. "This is worse than I thought." "How big is Epcot?" Zayn asked nervously. "Big enough to take a Liam and hide somewhere to take pictures and answer questions. We might never find him today. We might need to come back tomorrow. I'm so worried!!!!" "Me, too. Just calm down. Lets just re-enter the park. They can't have gotten far, he was with us just a second ago." We bolted to the Tram station and hopped on. It took off. I think it was just me, but the Tram was going slow. Should I say we had an emergency, that we needed to get to the park fast? Could they speed it up? Would they? There was no time to think. Just do. Liam was who knows where and I was really worried. Then it hit me; did I have feelings for Liam? Besides my lifetime commitment to fandom? Every girl must. I can't be the only one. This is common, a natural part of a really hot celeb just happening to pop up on your doorstep, needing a home for a few days...wasn't it? I decided to think about it later. I had to find Liam before i decided if i loved him or not. The Tram stopped at the park and we ran to the Electronic Ticket stations. Good thing i left my purse in the car; the bag check line was never ending. 


Once inside, we frantically searched for a hint of Liam. An accent, a shoelace, a hair, a camera lens from the paparazzi. Anything. We just wanted a clue, somewhere to start. 


All of a sudden, Zayn bolted. Weaving through people as he dragged me with him. "I saw his hair," Zayn explained, stopping at a mens room. "Wait here." He began to enter, but i stopped him. 




He looked at me like i had 7 heads and was born in a soda can filled with cotton candy. He gestured to the men's room. "You cant go in there." 


"Right,"I said, and sat on a nearby bench. 

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