So This is Love?

Juliet Roberts is surprised to find the one and only Liam Payne staying in her house while her parents are on vacation in Cape Cod. At first she feels like just a young Mom, caring for another. But dreams and urges to just kiss him and have him hold her forever can't be normal for every hard core Directioner, right? If not...then is this love?


6. Pool Party

After Zayn fetched Liam from the Men's room, we decided to just drive around to lose the paparazzi. They got stuck in traffic a ways behind us so we went back to my house. Luckily, we have 3 guest rooms, each with 2 twin beds, so i made another room ready to accommodate Zayn.  But it was only 1:30 in the afternoon. Word had gotten out that Liam and Zayn were near Disney. We could not go back there. It was too dangerous. 


I got lemonade and pretzel sticks and brought them to Liam and Zayn, sitting on the porch by the pool. "It's so nice out, and you have an amazing pool," Zayn said as i set down the tray of snacks. 


He wasn't lying. We had a water slide and a diving board. The deep end was 12 feet, perfect for diving. "Yeah, and it's private. We should swim. Do you guys have bathing suits with you?


"Of course," assured Liam. "We knew we were coming to Florida!" 


"Perfect. I'll go get my suit on and take out my contacts. I'll meet you back out here, 'kay?" 


"'Kay," They said as i disappeared upstairs. I changed into my bright yellow bikini with white polka dots. I took out my contacts, made sure the waterproof case was on my phone for reading when i was tanning, and made sure my shades were on my head and my sunscreen was evenly spread. I was ready. 


Downstairs, Zayn and Liam were already in the pool. "You guys didn't wait for me?" I asked as i stepped in, allowing the water to rush over my feet. 


"No. The water was so blue!" Liam claimed. Zayn nodded with agreement. "So tempting," he added. He ducked underwater and swam along the floor. His blue swim trunks blended with the water and i had no clue where he was until he jumped up and pulled me into the water. 


I screamed as the water poured over my head and washed over my face. I swam back to the surface and pushed the wet hair off my face. I splashed Zayn, his punishment for surprising me like that. "What was that for?" I asked splashing him in the face. 


"You weren't getting in," Zayn shrugged as he backstroked toward me. "And your hair is a really pretty color when its wet." 


He was really close now. Was he flirting? Liam was in the other end of the pool, diving and using the water slide. He had no clue what Zayn was doing. I watched as Liam flipped off the diving board and into the pool. He landed perfectly, as if he wasn't. 


suddenly my vision was blocked. Zayn was VERY close now. I gazed into his eyes and he stared right back. For what seemed like hours, we watched each other as we watched the other. I could hear Liam's splashes as my hearing became blurry. The world around me was fading. I knew what was going to happen. 


And it did. I felt Zayn's lips against mine, his hands on my back, my hands around his neck. I felt the passion flooding through me, and i think him, too. We kissed for forever, gasping for breath as Liam carelessly played in the background. We pulled back. I didn't want it to be over, but we both knew it was time. 


He was still close. I smiled at him. He smiled back. He slipped his hand into the pocket of his swim trunks underwater. He pulled out a small black velvet box. As he lifted it out of the water, the excess spilled over the sides in an unrealistic way. It looked magical. He opened the box. "Girlfriend?" He murmured, removing the diamond ring from the box and grasping my hand. 


"Boyfriend," I assured him, sliding my hand into the ring. 


Everything was perfect. I was Zayn's girlfriend. Nothing could top what had happened to me today. 


Absolutely nothing. 

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