So This is Love?

Juliet Roberts is surprised to find the one and only Liam Payne staying in her house while her parents are on vacation in Cape Cod. At first she feels like just a young Mom, caring for another. But dreams and urges to just kiss him and have him hold her forever can't be normal for every hard core Directioner, right? If not...then is this love?


2. Liam For The Night

That night I made pasta for dinner. I think Liam enjoyed it, because he asked for seconds. Later we got bored, so I suggested he call Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry.

"I can try. But i don't know where they are, and if they have cell service," he said. He wasn't even beginning to pull out his phone.

"Why don't you try. I will find something for us to do while you try."

I headed out of the kitchen. I decided to look in the game closet for something to play until 9:30, when I promised my mom I'd be in bed.

Digging through the piles of junk, I came across a book. It was dusty and stinky, but I could make out a title: Fun 4 One(Or Two).

I opened it. A cloud of dust exploded in my face, causing me to cough.

"Everything OK in there?" I could hear concern in Liam's voice.

"Everything's fine," I answered back.

I flipped through the book, holding its dusty contents away from my face. There wasn't much, but there was a card game. I thought we had cards in there...

I was awkwardly feeling through the boxes when Liam joined me.

"No luck," he said.

I jumped, knocking down a box full of some old dolls. "You scared me! So what happened?"

"Only Zayn answered. He said he couldn't talk because he was doing something. I don't know what." He shrugged.

"We'll, there's this card game we could play..." I said.

"OK." I could tell he was unsure about playing, but he agreed anyway. He knew we were both ready to do something.

I explained the rules and he seemed pretty interested. It was a really nice night outside, so I decided we should play out there.

Once outside, I lit the fire pit. It provided just enough light for me to see my cards.

"Let's play!" I said.

"It's on like Donkey Kong!" He said. It was so great to see him say that in person. With the accent and everything, it made me realize how lucky I am. The actual Liam Payne was on my back porch. We were playing cards and he just said its on like donkey kong.

To me!

He seemed to be enjoying himself. He won 5 out of the 7 games we played. I checked the clock.

"8:57!" I said, surprise in my voice. "The video chat..."

I had promised my mother that I would video chat her at 9:00 every night. Quickly picking up my cards, I explained to Liam.

"Oh..." He said. "Here, let me get the cards. You go set up your video chat with your mum."

"Thank you!" I said. I dashed inside, leaving the slider open for Liam. I ran upstairs and opened my laptop.

No joke, as soon as I logged into Skype, my mother called. "Hi honey!"

I jumped at the sudden greeting. "Oh, hello Mom. How is Cape Cod?"

"Pretty good, pretty good. What have you done all afternoon?" She asked.

"Oh, nothing much. I am enjoying the space and the silence. It's really nice. How is Dad?"

"Great. I- what was that?"

"What was what?" I hoped she couldn't tell I was nervous, because I had heard the toilet flush, too.

"I heard the toilet flush!" She said, trying to look over my shoulder into the hall.

"Oh, nothing," I casually leaned the direction of her head to block her view. "We must have a problem with the plumbing or something," I said.

"Ok..." She said, but I could tell she was still suspicious. I heard a muffled yell. It sounded like my dad.

Mom turned and looked to my left, toward the bathroom of her hotel suite. She turned her gaze back to me. "Sorry honey, I have to go. Love you!" She blew me a kiss and hung up.

Liam walked in as soon as he saw the coast was clear. "Whew! That was close!" He collapsed on my bed.

"You have no idea," I said, and laid down next to him.
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