So This is Love?

Juliet Roberts is surprised to find the one and only Liam Payne staying in her house while her parents are on vacation in Cape Cod. At first she feels like just a young Mom, caring for another. But dreams and urges to just kiss him and have him hold her forever can't be normal for every hard core Directioner, right? If not...then is this love?


4. A Surprise Encounter

After a cool morning of Soarin', Test Track, the Mexican boat ride, Maelstrom, and Spaceship Earth, we decided to stop for lunch in Mexico. We ordered empanadas and crisps, and pink lemonade. It was amazing. We sat by the lake and watched the ducks swim around.

The warm July sun smiled at us, and there wasnt a cloud in the sky.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" Asked a strangely familiar British accent.

"Uh, no. Are you...?" I decided not to ask as he sat in one of the two remaining chairs at our table.

Weather I asked or not would not have made a difference, since Liam asked anyway. "Zayn?"

"Vas happening?" He asked, and Zayn Malik removed his hat and shades.

"Oh, nothing. You won't believe what happened to me the past day!" Said Liam.

"Tell me everything, mate!" Said Zayn. "But can it wait a few minutes? I'm hungry." Zayn went to order some food.

"We'll, there's Zayn." I said.

"Yeah," said Liam. "I had no idea he was here!"

"I'm just as surprised as you are. Do you think-"

"Tell me everything!" Zayn said as he sat with his plate.

"I will, as soon as you answer a question for me. Where are you staying?" Liam asked.

"No where yet. So-"

"How did you get in the park?" I asked.

"I have a friend." He said. "By the way, I'm Zayn." He held out his hand.

I shook it and said, "I'm Juliet Roberts. Liam showed up yesterday and he stayed at my house last night. My parents are out of town."

"Cool." He said, and explained his story, how he and Harry got separated at the chicken taco place, how he met up with Perrie, how she had to continue her tour, how he wanted to go with her but knew he couldn't leave the rest of the band, and that he finally decided to meet up with an old friend who got him into Epcot.

The we(Liam and I) explained the entire story in better detail.

"You can stay with me and Liam at my house," I offered.

"Ah, no!" Zayn answered immediately. "I couldn't do that!"

I was disappointed. Having Zayn in my house would be amaZAYN!

"Well, just know that you're welcome anytime. If I can handle Liam-" I joked.

"Hey!" He said, but I could tell he was laughing on the inside.

We headed out of the restaurant after throwing away our empty plates. We got ice cream at a nearby stand and sat on an empty bench, chatting.

I noticed Zayn kept looking at me, with his large eyes. A girl could get lost in those eyes, and even with a million maps, could NEVER get out.

After ice cream, we all agreed that it was time to get back to my house. We finished our cones and headed to the car. I pulled up the front passenger seat to let Zayn into the back, and he filed in. I brought the seat back to normal and got into my own seat. "That was fun, wasnt-" turned to talk to Liam and Zayn, but Liam wasnt there. The passenger door was still open, just as I had left it to loop around the car to the drivers seat. "Liam?" I unbuckled my seat belt, Zayn doing the same.

"Liam!" Zayn called as I let him out. Looking around, I saw Zayn glaring behind me. I turned to take a look. I saw a big back van parked sideways alone in a long row. "I'd recognize those vans everywhere," Zayn said, narrowing his eyes. "It's the paparazzi. I think they tracked me down and found Liam."

"Oh, no." I said. What if they got pictures of the three of us? Of me and Liam on test track? Would my mother find out?
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