So This is Love?

Juliet Roberts is surprised to find the one and only Liam Payne staying in her house while her parents are on vacation in Cape Cod. At first she feels like just a young Mom, caring for another. But dreams and urges to just kiss him and have him hold her forever can't be normal for every hard core Directioner, right? If not...then is this love?


8. A New Arrival

At first I stood in shock in the kicthen. Had i been so stupid as to leave the door unlocked when i had let Liam or Zayn in? "Babe, shush," Zayn said. He stayed utterly silent and still, listening for what, I don't know. 


For a few moments, he listened and thoughts churned in my head. What exactly had happened? Was Liam OK? Did Mom know? Had our security system alerted her cell? 


Suddenly Zayn grabbed my hand. He slowly led me to the doorway of the kitchen that led to the family room. And then i heard it too.


Very faintly, the sound of the television mingled in the air, and we gathered our courage. From the veiw of the family room, it must have looked as if someone had pushed us out, as we shoved ourselves out with such force that we stumbled a bit. 


"Zayn?" I would recongnize the Irish accent anywhere. 


"Niall?" Zayn asked, astonished. 


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