nobody compares

when morgan joins a new school she finds it hard to make friends, but when a cute blonde haired blued eyed irish boy comes along, nothing could be better!

but will him and his friends ever discover her dark secret?


2. science


'okay so your first lesson will be science in this room here.' said the old receptionist lady standing outside a door to a science room. 'okay thank you for helping me.' i said smiling at the sweet old lady. she smiled back. she started knocking on the door and walked in. i took a look around the class and noticed charlotte waving her hand off and grinning like a maniac. i also saw the cute irish boy from earlier on this morning and he smiled then turned away blushing. 'hello mr sampford, this is morgan she is a new student here and she will be in your class' said the old lady. 'SIR!! can morgan sit next to me? she's my next door neighbour' i heard charlotte shout out. mr sampford nodded and gestured for me to sit next to charlotte so he could carry on writing on the board. i quickly walked over to charlotte and we both quietly squeeled, happy that we were in a lesson together. 'hey! this is good, if we're in one lesson together that means we will be in all the same lessons together!!!!!' she said 'oh thank god! at least i will know one person in every lesson now!' i said with a sigh of relief.

'hey morgan, i dont know if you've noticed but niall keeps staring at you and then talking to his friends' charlotte said trying to get a point across but i wasnt sure what that point was. 'um no i didnt notice that. me and niall met this morning though. he bumped into me and walked me to reception' i said smiling from ear to ear, pleased with myself secretly because i had already made another friend.'oohh get you!!' charlotte said cheekily.



i looked at morgan again her smile so big it made me smile. 'dude the amount you're staring at her anyone would think you liked her' said a boy i was sat next to called liam. 'i do not!!' i said but i could feel myself blushing so i pretended to get something out my bag to hide my face. 'whatever you say' liam said.

then louis, who was sat the other side of me butted in and said 'i could have miss heard you but did you say niall likes the new girl?!' 'n-' but i was cut off short by liam 'yep! you heard right lou' 'well this is something i can stir up a little!' louis said cheekily. he was one of those people who didnt care what people thought of him and wasnt afraid to do anything. 'louis i dont like her please whatever you're about to do - and i know you're about to do something please dont, just leave it' i said getting a little tense. 'okay chill niall i'll leave it-for now!!' he said adding a stereotypical evil laugh.i looked at morgan one more time then got on with my work.



louis was waving over to me whilst behind nialls back so he couldnt see. i waved back and louis mouthed 'niall loves morgan!' i looked at niall then at morgan and turned back to louis and nodded.

then the bell went for the end of the lesson. 'you go ahead morgan i just have to to mr sampford about something' 'okay i'll wait outside for you.' she said completely unaware that i signalled to louis to stay back so we could talk.

'okay boo bear we need to get them together! i know its only her first day but they could be something good! we need to plan a get together to they can bond. but the get together can just be them guys because otherwise it could be any ideas?' i whispered incase anyone else was listening. 'um.. we could have a movie day at mine?' 'yessss!!! great! i have to meet morgan now though so text me the details!' i said excitedly. today was going to be a good day, i could feel it in my bones, as people say.

i walked out the door to find morgan wasnt there. 'oh niall was supposed to be waiting for me' louis said disheartened. 'oh well boo bear we can walk together, morgan was supposed to be waiting for me too but she's gone off.' i said. then all of a sudden louis looked at me and i looked at him. 'you dont think they both might of got bored waiting and walked to the next lesson together do you?!' he said looking at me excitedly. 'oh yes they probably have!! what a great start to the beginning of a relationship they dont even know is happening!' i said to louis as we started walking to next lesson.

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