nobody compares

when morgan joins a new school she finds it hard to make friends, but when a cute blonde haired blued eyed irish boy comes along, nothing could be better!

but will him and his friends ever discover her dark secret?


4. movie night


the bell for hometime rang and we all rushed out of class to get home ready for the movie night. i walked home with charlotte and then went to mine to get ready. i went straight home, no one was in so this was a good time to do what helped me get through things. i unlocked my draw, took out a blade, and cut. blood poured down my hand. it helped but i was in so much pain. i just couldnt stop, it was the only cure for what i've been through.then i realised the time and i had to get ready. i mopped up the blood, put the blade away and locked the draw. 'until tomorrow' i whispered to the draw

i changed into a long sleeved top to cover the cuts and some jeans. i heard a knock at the door, it was charlotte 'hey you ready to go?' she said smiling 'yeah' i said hiding the fact i had been self harming, i know what she got like when she found out her brother was self harming but i suppose thats different, afterall that was her brother. 'you sure? you sound pretty quiet' she said looking concerned. 'yeah im fine i just dont have alot of energy i suppose' i lied. 'oh okay. louis' house isnt that far away so you wont have to use much energy' she said laughing 'haha' i laughed back.

when we got to louis' house and saw everyone though i did feel much better and was having a really good time. we were all talking when i got up and said i needed a drink so went to the kitchen, then niall came out to get some more food, for some reason he was still hungry even though he ate all the food. niall opened up louis cupboard and took out a pack of oreos (my favourite), opened them and started eating them. 'niall!' i whispered so the others wouldnt hear. 'what?' he said pretending to be clueless. 'you cant just eat louis food!' i said smiling 'i will give you an oreo if you dont tell, deal?' 'no' i said smiling '2' 'nope' '3' 'nope' i exclaimed 'okay half the packet is my final offer! deal or no deal?' he joked 'deal' i said taking half the packet.

we walked out and harry saw niall with the oreos and said 'niall! you've eaten half a packet within 2 minutes!!!!' 'no, i gave half the packet to morgan' niall said. harry turned and looked at me, i just smiled and walked off .


i dragged niall back into the kitchen, liam and zayn followed. 'mate you never share your food unless its with someone you really like! come on give it up, you like her dont you!' i said 'no...' niall said 'come on mate we can tell when you're lying! you were looking at her loads in science and when she smiled at you you blushed!' liam said 'come on bro just tell us the truth' zayn said 'okay okay, so i like her whats the big deal?' niall said acting cool 'you should take her out or something' liam said 'yeah but what if she doesnt like me back?' niall said 'dude she's been staring at you for a while now i think its clear that she likes you!' harry said. 'okay i'll take her out, if she say's yes.' niall said 'yes!' i shouted, quite loud. everybody on the sofa's in the sitting room looked at us confused. 'oops' i said smiling.

zayn turned and walking into the sitting room, liam and i behind him, niall following behind us stuffing his face with oreos. there was an empty seat next to morgan. 'niall, go sit next to her' i said. niall walked up to the sofa and sat next to morgan. she looked quite surprised but smiled at niall and he smiled back. i liked to think that things were going well.

then halfway through superman when someone needed help louis suddenly jumped up pulled his shirt open and shourted 'SUPERMAAAAANN!!!!' he had a superman top on underneath and his hair was put into a middle parting and he put on nerd glasses, so he really looked like superman. we were all in fits of laughter! then suddenly a popcorn fight brokeout zayn jumped on me and started messing up my hair while niall was playfully throwing popcorn at morgan. eleanor and danielle just sat back and laughed at how messy everything was getting. while charlotte started throwing popcorn at louis and liam threw popcorn at charlotte to defend louis, but then sadly their ammo had ran out so the popcorn fight ended. which was just as well because zayn  messing up my hair and putting popcorn in  it was no fun at all.


well at that time everyone was having fun, laughing and messing around, until the fight ended. i could see that niall and morgan were getting on quite well, and things might be taken further. well, i hope so anyway! they would be amazing together.

after we cleaned up the mess we were about to go home when niall said to morgan 'morgan can i just talk to you for a minute?'


'sure niall, whats up?' i said 'um well sice you got here i liked you a bit and was wondering if you wanted to go on a like date or something to my favourite resturant nando's with me?' my heart started pounding i could feel my cheekd turn red, i liked niall since i arrived and now he's asking me out on a date!! 'yes! i'd love too!!! i mean.. yeah that would be cool' i said dialling it down abit so he wouldnt think i was desperate 'cool i'll pick you up at 6pm on saturday' he said smiling.

when i got home i thought this through what if it didnt owrk out and things were awkward forever? i couldnt let that happen, i just had to make sure it never got awkward. i changed into my pj's and went to bed, but i couldnt sleep. all that was running through my head was this date.


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