nobody compares

when morgan joins a new school she finds it hard to make friends, but when a cute blonde haired blued eyed irish boy comes along, nothing could be better!

but will him and his friends ever discover her dark secret?


1. fresh start


'here goes nothing!' i thought to myself closing the front door behind me. i knocked on my best friend and next door neighbour charlotte's door. 'hey! ready to go?' i said with a wobbily smile on my face. 'hey! yeah im so nervous though. LOVE YOU MUM!!' charlotte shouted to the top of the stairs, she picked up her bag and we left for the day ahead. 'same i dont know anyone apart from you...' i said looking at the ground. 'dont worry you can meet some of my friends! you'll be fine' charlotte said with a reassuring look on her face. even though me and charlotte lived next door to each other since we were in nappies, i went to a different secondry school as her because mum wanted me to get a better education. but during the summer holidays i managed to persuade my mum to let me change schools.

we walked through the school gates just as the bell went. 'oh there goes the bell,im sorry but i have to get to my tutor. will you be okay finding your way to reception? if not you go down there turn right, turn right again through the doors then left and right once more and you'll find a giant sign saying reception.' charlotte said pointing. 'um... yeah i think i can manage' i said with a little waver in my voice.'okay, i'll text you at lunch so we can meet!' she said whilst walking off.

as i was walking i looked down at my phone noticing i had a text from MUM it read HAVE A LOVELY DAY SWEETIE! HOPE EVERYONE IS NICE TO YOU X . i couldnt help but smile to myself. *bump* i fell to the ground with a thud. a shadow hovered over me. 'oh my god! im so sorry i didnt mean to..i guess i just...oh im so sorry' he said in a husky irish voice. i looked up at a cute blonde haired boy with perfect ocean blue eyes. wow you are one handsome irish fella! i thought to myself. 'it's okay! dont worry about it, these things happen' i said looking at hima little closer.everything was quite blurry but that would soon go. i could see him looking abit scared. 'im niall by the way' he said offering me a hand up. i took his hand and said 'hi niall, im morgan. im new here' 'that explains it' he said smiling at me with his perfect white teeth showing. 'explains what?' i asked 'why i hadnt seen you before. so where are you off to then? reception im guessing?' 'well niall you guessed correctly.' i said cheekily 'my friend told me the way to reception but i cant remeber...' 'well i guess i can help you then!' he said looking pleased ' 'thanks but you dont have to do that im sure i can find the way' i said 'no its fine its the least i can do seeing as i knocked you over' he said even though tecnically it was my fault because i wasnt looking where i was going. 'okay if you insist' 'yes i insist!' he said winking.



as i was walking morgan to reception i couldnt help but notice her perfect brown hair glistening in the sun, god she is more beautiful than i thought.even though she was the new girl and i barely knew her i couldnt help but feel we would become quite close.

'so, where have you just come from?' i asked showing an intrest. 'oh just london community college' she said smiling. 'oh so not far then.' i said looking into her shiny green eyes. 'no not far, i just felt abit like a change.' she said looking a bit sadder than before. we turned the corner and saw the giant reception sign. 'well here you are' i said quite disappointed that our conversation was cut short.'thank you, even though you didnt have to do this' she said smiling. 'its okay, i dont mind. i missed tutor which is fine with me because it's the boringest part of the day!' she smiled, thanked me again and walked through to reception.

i guess you could say i was..whats the word..upset, or sad, something like that. i know i wasnt going to see her again, our school is so big and full of people.

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