nobody compares

when morgan joins a new school she finds it hard to make friends, but when a cute blonde haired blued eyed irish boy comes along, nothing could be better!

but will him and his friends ever discover her dark secret?


3. break time


me and morgan walk over to the canteen to see a very hungry niall who is stuffing his face with food again, no surprise there and louis reading a book to another group of friends. 'NO! jimmy protested.' louis said just as we were about to say hi. 'oh hey charlotte, hey morgan' louis said surprised. 'uumm...hi louis. that was nice reading you did then.' i said 'well you know i like to have a read out loud no and again' louis said smiling. 'anyway, morgan this is danielle' i pointed to danielle who was crasped in liams arms. morgan smiled at them. 'as you can tell they're going out. this is eleanor, she's going out with louis' 'i dont know why though, he's a cmplete nutter!' eleanor said laughing to morgan. 'hey! i heard that!' louis said putting on a fake "im crying" face. 'you know i love you boo bear!' eleanor said grabbing his waist and pulling himin for a kiss. 'and i continue, this is zayn he's eating his special food because he's muslim' i said smiling at zayn. 'last but certainly not least the most special boy ever!! harryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!' i said dragging on the -yyyy. 'oh yes the legendary harry! i've heard so much about you' morgan said curtsey-ing pretending he was a king. we all laughed.'oh thats incredibly good then my fair lady' harry said bowing.

'so me and charlotte have had an idea to have a movie day at my place tomorrow after school! you all free?' louis said and everyone nodded. 'what films will we be watching?' zayn said 'horror all the way!' niall said 'only if we can watch toy story after!' liam said. 'of course liam, your wish is my command!' louis joked. 'can we watch superman too?' zayn questioned 'of course zayn anything for my little humbug' louis joked again. 'good so we'll see everyone at 4pm then. niall im leaving you incharge of snacks!! but you better not eat any of it!' i said to niall. 'i'll try my hardest not to' niall laughed back to me.

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