Lost and found

Lily brown and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since kindergarten. But when lily has to leave with her mother to live with her father across the seven seas. Will lily and Louis ever see each other again?


2. Reunion

"Can I get you something" asked the airline attendant "no thank" said lily quietly still missing Louis and the gang so much she felt a little sick. Lily tapped the guy next to her "can I have that brown bag please" "sure" was the reply handing me the bag. And that's when she saw his face "Harry what are you doing here" she asked "well Louis realised we had a gig over here in a couple weeks so we flew over early so he could be with you"
"Oh my god that's so sweet but where you guys gonna sleep I mean do you have an apartment over here or something" "Well actually we were hoping that you'd let us live with you for a couple weeks" Niall chipped in "Are you all on this plane?"
"No" was the reply from Liam "zayn and Louis are on the next plane!" "Oh my god guys why did you not tell me" lily exclaimed
Bleep "I got a text " lily said "and it's from Louis: surprise I'm on the next plane see you there.
Lily: I know. Louis: what!! Who told you. Lily: Harry is sat next to me... Louis: ohhh :(((
Lily: yeah so see you there :)) Louis: yeah :)) ... "I got another text" lily said "it's from zayn": hay our plane has run out petrol so we won't be there anytime soon :(((( "Oh no Louis and zayns plane is down they can't come" lily said "they are gonna be down for a couple weeks"
" but our shows in 2 and a 1/2 weeks"...
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