What About Now?!

Erin is about to have the 'best day' of her life. She and her friend Saralynn are going to a concert! But once she finds out her current boyfriend and ex are in that band things get a little akward! BTW this is aLiam/Harry fan-fic.


1. the concert

I stayed over at Saralynns again i practically live with her. For one: my mum is a total drunk! Second of all: My stepfather totally HATES me and when i mean hate I MEAN HATE!!!!! Well he abuses me and throws me out of the house. So, thats me and my exiting life for you. Erin Zhali. I woke up to Saralynn screaming in my face about winning tickets to see One Direction. "Why are you telling me? You know dont like them!" i said in my usual groggy morning voice. "Im sorry! Im just SO exited to see them! I got V.I.P and backstage passes!" Saralynn said squeaking. "OMG!" I said sarcastically.   

                                                              *AUTHORS NOTE*

                                        Sorry this was short im super tired its like 6:00 am. g'night to my phenominiall, amazayn, extraordinharry, fabulouis, & brilliam little carrot peeps!! i <3 1D & y'all! :3





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