What About Now?!

Erin is about to have the 'best day' of her life. She and her friend Saralynn are going to a concert! But once she finds out her current boyfriend and ex are in that band things get a little akward! BTW this is aLiam/Harry fan-fic.


4. taken

Harry's P.O.V***

Liam got back from the restroom in time for us to start recording 'Taken'. "finally your back. you take forever to pee!" louis said. "sorrry! not my fault!" liam 'cried'. "oh li" erin said. "ok lets start recording now!" i said with a little annoyence in my voice.

Liam :'now that you can't have me you suddenly want me. now, that with somebody else you tell me you love me. i slept on your door step beggin' for one chance. now that i finally moved on you say that you missed me all along.

harry: who do you think you are? who do you think i am? you only love to see me braken you only want me when i'm taken. you don't really want my heart you just like to know you can. still the one who gets it braken you only want me cuz im taken.


erin's P.O.V.  it was 11:00 p.m. when we got back and i was really tired."Li-Li i'm gonna head to bed, O.K?" i said. "ok babe" Li said. "night guys" i yelled. "night erin" they all yelled in unison. so with that i went upstairs and fell asleep.


"i lloovvee you!" i said. liam had hi back to me and after i said that his head spun completely around and in a demonic voice/yell he said "I HATE YOU!!!!!" liam no not liam more like lucifer (satan/devil) said.

*authors note*

hey my carrot peeps or whatever. leave the title or link to your movella and if i have i'll read them! <3 y'all.

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