What About Now?!

Erin is about to have the 'best day' of her life. She and her friend Saralynn are going to a concert! But once she finds out her current boyfriend and ex are in that band things get a little akward! BTW this is aLiam/Harry fan-fic.


5. pancakes

last night we stayed at Niall's flat. when i woke up i rolled over to see liam staring at me. "morning beautiful" he said. "hey, when did you get here?" i said. "oh, i heard you scream after you went to bed so i came up here i got in bed with you" he said "why were you screaming?" Liam added. "i had a nightmare" i said. "about whaat" he teased and poked my nose. " well, we were at the park and you were faced away from me and i told you 'i lloovvee you!' and your head spun completely around and you said'I HATE YOU!!!!!!' in a demonic voice" i said holding back tears remembering the dream/nightmare. a tear slipped "oh babe don't cry please. when you cry it makes me want to cry." liam said wiping my tears that were now streaming freely. "i...love...you." i said between sobs. i buried my head in his chest. "i love you too" liam said. "lets go down stairs and get some food i'm STARVING!!!!!" he said. "ok" i said and wiped my tears. i got out of bed and the floor was really cold. i ran to get my bunny slippers and pranced down the steps. when i got down stairs niall and harry were in the kitchen. harry was making pancakes. yum. "NIALL STOP EATING THE PANCAKES OR THERE WON'T BE ANY LEFT FOR THE REST OF US!!!" harry yelled. "BUT I'M HUNGRY!!!" niall screamed. i walked in the kitchen. "'ello love" harry said. i snatched a pancake out of nialls hand and ran out of the kitchen and hid behind Zayn. "ello?" Zayn said/asked. "hi!" i yelped when Louis snuck behind me and tickled my sides "hey thats my job" liam yelled and picked me up bridal style and plopped me on the couch. i dropped the pancake. niall ran over to and picked it up held it in the air "finally its mine!" he screamed. they all chuckled exept for niall he blushed. "aww, nialler is blushing!" i teased. 

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