What About Now?!

Erin is about to have the 'best day' of her life. She and her friend Saralynn are going to a concert! But once she finds out her current boyfriend and ex are in that band things get a little akward! BTW this is aLiam/Harry fan-fic.


3. best friends

Liam and I were in the hall, while Saralynn was flirting with Niall. "Liam why didn't you tell me Harry was here?" "i-i'm sorry. i. didn't think you'd come." he said. "liam, if you would've told me earlier, i would be a lot happier!" i said laughing. "i'm sorry,Er-" i shut him up with a kiss. then Harry has to walk out "umm....am i interupting something?" Harry said in his usual cocky voice. "yeah!" i said "stop being mean, Erin! no your not, Hazza." "HEY!! Only Lou can call me 'Hazza'!" Harry pouts. "i have to use the restroom." Liam said "ok, Li!" i said. so.......Erin do you think we can maybe...hang out sometime like 'best friends'?" Harry said. "Yes Curly we can!" i said as i hugged him and walked back to talk to the others.        

                                                                           * authors note *

                                    i added 2 chapters. i know 'him....?!' was short sorry  <3 y'all! :)

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