i love you - a Niall horan story

a normal school girl Hayley is like most girls a directioner but at one concert her wish comes true


1. the start of some thing new

I was never really sure how I will be with but I was any other girl I dreamed that I would be Niall Horans princess . he was one of the most hottest guys the walked on the earth

 what made niall so special was his ocean blue eyes , his thick Irish accent, his funny  and his love for food and the list goes on . So it is Monday morning great is have school but only for about  2 more months my phone sets off a alarm saying "go buy one direction tickets" so I run for my laptop and be as fast as I can so I can the best seats and it worked I a row seats right in front of the stage so it is a nice Monday because is know that I am going to see one direction very very soon

I quickly as I can so I can go tell everyone that I got tickets but the only person that cared was my best friend Emily we had being friends since forever . Emily loved niall as much as I did and that's all we basically talk about how hot he and the other boy are and there was really nothing we didn't know about them .

everyday I keep seeing this black Lamborghini with the number plate tommo but I thought about it and we both live in London and he lives about 45 mins away from me but in the and I laugh at my self when I got home this afternoon from the hell hole I got on twitter and niall and josh twitted that they will be doing a twitcam in about 10mins so I get changed and get so thing to eat and they were already on and they already being idiots niall was eat of course and flicking the lights on and off but suddenly josh was having a laughing attack because someone said "niall eat with your mouth closed you pig " niall suddenly replied with I always do and they started to get tired  so they logged off and went to bed

OMG the concert is tonight and I have nothing to wear so I decided to ditch school and get so clothes . so I go the closest mall . Omg it is Eleanor I think she is really pretty I got home I brought about 10 new outfits I thought to my self the concert starts about 7:00pm so I will leave about 6:00pm so that leaves me about 3 hours to get ready I wore a blue and white lased dress and black flats with a bow on it I am finished so grab my keys and head out but first I have to drop my sister Bree off at my mums friends place Sophie because my mum is at work and my parents just divorced because my dad was bashing me and threating to kill me when my mum was at work  and that's why we moved to London we use to live in Australia I get in the drive way and Sophie I waiting there and she screams out have fun           

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