i love you - a Niall horan story

a normal school girl Hayley is like most girls a directioner but at one concert her wish comes true


4. the movies

niall pvo

she was beautiful I couldn't get her out of my head the way her hair falls perfectly on her shoulders , her natural beauty and I love her Australian accent. it was so cute . zayn finally arrived "where were you niall " umm I went for some food " with a girl " yeah  


I woke up this morning and I had a text from niall and it said morning beautiful I'll be over in about half an hour I replied with ok I quickly had a shower and got dressed into black skinny jeans and a baby pink jumper sort of thing and a pair of black vans and I hear a car horn I looked out the window and I saw niall there so I grabbed my handbag that matched my outfit and I walked out the door and nialls eyes widened "wow you look amazing" you don't look to bad yourself " thanks so what are we doing today you have to wait and see I think we are nearly there because niall say put this on it was a blind fold and carries me out of the car and sits me on a chair and takes the blind fold off my eyes and we are in a theatre and no one is there and niall says "I booked it just for us " aww niall you didn't have to do this for me  " yes I did and he  had gone to get food of coarse and the movie came on and it was grease that was one thing that we had in common the movie ended and niall said we were going to go back to his apartment for dinner with the boys and girlfriends        

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