i love you - a Niall horan story

a normal school girl Hayley is like most girls a directioner but at one concert her wish comes true


3. the date at nandos

he said I guess we have to run cause we have no car" I have on its in the car park" thank god " we got in the car and I said so where are we going Hayley you just have to wait we turned up at nandos we go in and we get a table and the waitress comes over and I think niall ordered  the whole menu and we just shared and we talked and talked and we have a lot in common he payed and we went for a walk in the park and it started to rain and ran around like crazy and niall stoped me and looked in my eyes Hayley I know we just met but I want to try some thing he put his hand around my waist and crashes hi lips on my and it felt like fireworks . We both pull away and he says that was great and we both keep on walking and we see this big puddle and niall picks me up and carries me to the car and he drove me home and walks me to the and we exchange numbers bye niall bye Hayley  I will talk to you soon  and kisses me again bye niall wait how are you going to get home I will call zayn .     

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